Thursday, July 8, 2010


WOW! Indiana was sooo much fun! So I got there and Elle was not happy that I sat next to her but by the end of the week we were friends. I played more war this last week than I have in like the last 2 years, Parker always seems to win. We swam almost every day and played lots of Uno. Nedra can STILL beat me at the speed game but I can win Lauren. The children’s museum is the coolest museum, you can touch everything and they even encourage it! There was a guy walking around the dinosaur exhibit with real fossils. He let you touch them and he told you what animal they were and what purpose they served. I learned so much at that museum and it’s amazing all the facts Lauren, Parker and Kate know about all the exhibits. Grandma drove up to Michigan and picked up Ollie’s kids. Earlier Nedra was saying how she wanted to play Uno Attack and when grandma picked up the kids they had it with them! We played lots of card games and went to the pool with everyone and just had a blast.

Now for the best part of being in Indiana: the fireworks. Dustin bought fireworks at Costco I think and they looked just like our packs but all of them and I mean ALL of them shot flaming balls; there wasn’t a single fountain in the pack. I was really surprised when I lit off a little firework that looked like it was going to be a fountain and it shot fireballs up in the air. Watching the kids light each other’s sparklers was funny because they would both move and it would take forever for it to light. Dustin also bought a box of pop-its and the driveway was like one giant pop-it. After you’d light a firework and you’d run back onto the driveway you would always step on some that weren’t popped yet. It was very exciting.

I was amazed that we got eight kids up and dressed and ready to go to 11 am church. By the end of the weekend we were all beat. We had quiet movie time and I fell asleep and Parker told me that next time we have quiet movie time I can’t fall asleep.

I love Kate’s imagination, she told us lots of stories. Lauren is so good at the piano, she can play songs at like the same level as me. Parker is super smart he remembers everything, if you need to know something as him. Elle is very very good at the word “no” it’s really cute. I think she knows more words than she lets on to. This was one extremely fun packed week when it came to an end it felt more like a weekend.

Oh one last note, sunrise and sunset amazed me because here it’s like oh its getting dark its dark and there it’s like oh it’s starting to get dark still setting still setting still setting now its dark, it seemed like the days went on forever.
Morgen was so afraid to light off fireworks she said she never had before she's only watched them
Me and grandma took Elle to the store and this lady came up with stickers and said can your little girl have some stickers? I just said yes and laughed to myself.
You can see that I was amazed by the fireworks. It looks so bright out but I think it was like 8 pm
We made these super cool purse notebooks it was soo much fun!
I love this picture it looks like it could be in an art gallery
This is in the Children's Museum it's called the Fireworks of Glass
We also made these really cool puppets
Kate was being Kate and wouldn't look at the camera
There are little nooks and crannies all over the Children's Museum its so cool to crawl in all the spaces
Dustin cutting the notebooks for our purse notebooks
Lauren put the camera underwater and then took a picture of herself standing out of the water at the science works exhibit
The pictures are out of order but I've lost patience, it took a long time to upload all these pictures.