Friday, February 14, 2014

Weekend trip to Cali

This last weekend me and my friend Michelle Kerksiek went to California to surprise a friend on her wedding day. We stayed at gma Valora’s and had a fun fast trip to Cali. We left Friday after classes and drove right to grandmas house. I was informed that live oak is a scary road for new people in the dark. Saturday we woke up and grandma made us waffles then we went to the temple to do baptisms for the dead. The San Diego temple looks so huge from the outside but inside they just had one toilet, 4 changing stalls and one shower!! It was crazy how small it was in the changing room. It was also Spanish day at the temple so we did all the work in Spanish that was fun. After the temple we went back to grandmas to shower and eat lunch then we went to the beach then to Acasia’s wedding. She was so surprised to see us there, she was sooo happy we came to see her. It was fun to see friends who moved away at the wedding. Some of our friends were going to drive back to Vegas that night so I told them they were more than welcome to stay with us at case de grandma. They couldn’t decide if they wanted to so I told them to call if they wanted to stay and we would meet them out at the freeway. They called us and said they decided to stay and they were like well we have a GPS we’ll be able to find it if you just give us the address. I was like umm I’ll meet you you’ll miss the road. After we met them and I drove them back to grandmas and a very very slow speed (pretty sure the two cars behind them were really mad) they were like we never would have found this house, and that road is crazy you were driving so fast on it!! Michelle started laughing and saying how slow I was driving when they were following .
Sunday we went to a random 9 am sacrament meeting and there was a missionaries homecoming that day and after sacrament the ward members though we were there to welcome her home and we were like umm, actually we just randomly choose to come here, we’re actually on vacation this weekend. Oh the church had like an outside part to their nursery!! It was awesome they had those like little tykes cars. After church we hung out with gma and explored the yard and then we drove home.
The drive home was crazy and boring. Crazy because a semi tried to occupy the same lane as the car next to us so the car next to us tried to occupy our lane, luckily there was no one next to us so we could move over. I thought Michelle was going to end up in my lap she tried to jump out of the way of the car, I’m pretty sure she would have succeeded if she didn’t have a seatbelt on.

We had a great short visit. Thanks Grandma!!
Michelle and me at the San Diego temple

Fun at the beach

We saw this awesome car on the way back from the beach
it must be a missionary car

Grandma Michelle and me at her house

Look at this awesome tin we found at gmas
it was a marshmallow tin! I couldn't get it open though