Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Park and Pipe clinic and first day at my new job

Saturday and Sunday I went to a park and pipe clinic to keep my snowboarding certification up to date. During the clinic after they saw my riding they gave me crazy tasks to do. The craziest thing they said was “o.k. you up for a game?” said at the top of the super pipe (half pipe with 22ft walls)
me- “ummm sure?” 
“k, it’s called death train.”
Me- huge eyes and scared look “ummmm….”
“Here’s what we’re gonna do. I’m gonna start and you follow right behind me, like two board lengths, then you follow right behind her, and you follow right behind him. You have to do exactly what I do the whole ride down. And don’t fall because there are people behind you.”
CRAZIEST thing I have ever done!!!! And remember I jumped off a bridge just because my friends were while in a foreign country. I followed the clinictioner (how on earth do you spell this word? I can’t find it on google) down the half pipe and we went all the way to the top of the super pipe!! If you ever want the biggest adrenaline rush of your life, go full speed down a half-slush-half-ice super pipe and have the tail end of your board go over the top of it with already super tired legs. I got to the bottom and just collapsed. I was also the only one who made it to the end, even though I did crash once I got right back into the train without messing anyone else up. It was insane!!!
During this clinic I also got both my backside and frontside 180’s down to where I could land them every time both switch and goofy. I got more grabs down and even landed a 360!  It was so much fun, and the most tiring two days ever. I can’t wait to go back next year and get my level 1.
 I was also given the best compliment ever, one of the clinictioners (seriously what do you call someone who runs a clinic?) at the end of the day said “Can you loan your 180’s out to some of the guys taking the test tomorrow? Yours are way cleaner and better than most of theirs.” I was blown away by this comment because I felt like I could have worked a little harder and gotten way better.  

Here is a video of me hitting a feature in Neff Land. This was a pretty hard feature to hit because there was no lip, it’s like 2 feet above where the lip would be, and the top of it was sticky since it was so hot.

Do you see that small black spot in the pipe? 
That is a full-grown man!!
Seriously the pipe is huge. 

I started observing the teacher that I will be taking over today. Teaching at the alternative school is going to be way different than teaching at Olympus High. I think I’m going to like it more than teaching at Olympus though. I’ll keep you posted on anything interesting that happens during my time as teacher there. 

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Last day of student teaching at Olympus!!

Today was my last day of student teaching with the most strict and mean teacher I've encountered since high school. It must be a high school thing to have mean teachers. For the quarter that I was there I had the students do an extra credit project instead of an extra credit worksheet. Here are some of the better projects.

These are for Secondary math II (in Utah they integrated the core, which pretty much means they made it horrible. There's no algebra 1, geometry or algebra 2, there is just 9th grade math, 10th grade math, and 11th grade math called secondary I, II, III respectively.)
They had to use theorems about parallel lines and place certain buildings in certain places according the parallel lines.

This student started watching Grey's Anatomy on Netflix 
so she named all of her buildings after characters on the show

These are for Secondary math III. They had to find sine, cosine and tangent waves in everyday items.
I hung the posters around the room. 

This student wasn't the best and I figured a monkey could have been teaching and he wouldn't have
noticed but I guess I was wrong. I guess he did like me as a teacher, it really surprised me when I 
graded his poster and saw this note. 

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

I got a JOB!!

WOW I have a ton to write about! This is going to be a crazy random post. So on Friday I went to a job interview and before the interview was even over they hired me! It’s just a long term sub position but my foot is in the door! The best thing about getting this job is that I get to leave student teaching 10 days early! I’m so excited to not have to go back to Olympus High, I came to love the students but the teacher has taken her toll on me and I am excited to get away from the negative energy. I told my students that I was leaving and a lot of them said that I was the only reason they were passing math and that they loved me as a teacher and I couldn’t leave. That made me feel awesome! That is why I became a teacher, to get students to love math and learn that going to math class isn’t horrible. I am the long term math sub at Polaris High in Orem, it’s an alternative high school. I will be teaching secondary math II and personal finance. I start whenever the teacher has her baby and I will teach for 4-6 weeks. Life has been crazy the last few days.

I gave my students a pi day activity to do after they took their test. Here is the assignment and what they came up with, I didn’t fix the grammar or the spelling or anything so some of them are pretty bad but this is what high schoolers come up with:

Write a pi story using the first 20 digits of pi. The first word will be a 3-letter word, then a 1-letter word, then a 4-letter word and so on.

The first 20 digits of pi are 3.1415926535897932385

Pie, I love a great chocolate in cooked great pie. Tasty! Tasteful chocolate, glorious succulent pie. As man consumes, tasty.

The A-team; A squad arranging to attack three top-level athletes. President saying.... “Betraying can be our greatest fight.”

Hey, I want a large snowboard. No, there’s weird cat peple creeping creepilly between outside’s hay as the insider’s table.

Bee, a busy, a smart, extremely on pollen, honey and sugar producing life-form. Animals traveling and in air speeding quick.

Yet I have a piece, chocolate pi within every man eaten stomache, triangle enjoyin chocolate pi in his stomache today

wow, I mean I march aggresive to sounds aloud the great elephant skydiving through Wisconsin ate at Rachael’s Diner

May I have a story? Paparazzi is coming after you. These puzzling jazziness zizzled jukeboxes did no pun nuzzling dance.

Pie, a good, a great flavorful no health bonus, the snack dessert’s marvelous texture dominates one pi, the dessert’s owned.

Hey I know I don’t evalueate or compare, don’t see don’t evaluate properly destroy. Therefore, I’m me. Nobody change.

Cat, I don’t, I solve secondary pi, reason being the snake exploded represent erasing exception off Mr. Ted problems erase.

“Can I?” said I. “Above Twitchell is number magic. The magic markings Twitchell created displayed the pi. The greatest digit.

Was I once a thumb? Pondering my heart’s goals, the focus dwindling alongside, disease stricken, ram in, the elephant stars

Hey I left a prize equations at Boston there are shoes, triangle, triangles, circles, geometric pie. It has triangles grief.

Are a pack a lemon worthwile? No. There’s not. Lover lemonaid packaging exceeds objective it’s to far fetching ideas.

Sup? I made a paper Twitchell at school about one meter diameter. Twitchell quizzes paralyzed fun in the students heart.

Sam, a poor F child, continued to caress Billy, his buddy. Although Madeline’s control continued. Day to day children crazy.

Pie, I love a sweet delicious pi coming about pie smells glorious mouthfuls, puzzled jazziness, pie on pie harmless touch

Ben A. Finn a agile biathlete by nimble quick and lithe movement completed matches aquitting for by any conflict about.

The “O”, even just a idiot run o runt I meant molecules on sample track one train relapsed ridicules example spetacled too an tan moodiest track.

Like I said some are good most are words all jumbled together.

I am going to a park and pipe clinic this weekend and hope to get my park and pipe certificate so I can teach in the park! I'll let you know how it goes. 

So much more has happened but it’s bedtime so I’ll write about it when I’m less tired.