Sunday, September 29, 2013

Get a better attitude!!

School has been crazy!! The last week and a half have been super crazy and I was looking forward to a weekend of sleeping past 6 am. But life likes to remind you not to make plans to be lazy.
So I’ll start with saying I have three classes, three math classes that is, but those three take more time than any full time schedule I’ve had thus far. And, of course, they all like to have tests or papers due on the same day. So like 5 days before the tests everyone starts to ramp up their studying, which means study group at 8 am. Do you know how hard it is to make a coherent proof at 8 am after staying up until midnight doing homework? Well it’s pretty much like trying to understand what a crying 2 year old is trying to say with a mouthful of food and then committing it to memory to recall and put into grown up words (ok so maybe you do). Maybe these classes aren't preparing me for teaching teenagers math but rather to remember stuff on no sleep at all! LOL. I finished my tests and papers on Wednesday and was looking forward to a sleep in day and a lazy weekend. That did not happen.
Wednesday night I was asked if I could be at a job interview the next morning at 8 am. Man, there went my sleep in day. Then later that day during institute I realized that the week I spent studying I had forgotten to read my scriptures and was way behind in the reading and had no clue what we were talking about. Ok so I know the story but knowing the primary version and the I read it last night and know what questions I have and what I understand  what happened and why are very different. That’s when I realized maybe my week would have been less stressful if I had made time for the Lord. But I was still looking forward to the lazy weekend.
But of course I go to orchestra for the first time that week (prepared to play a really hard piece) and we play some really easy pieces and I find out that my weekend has now been given up to orchestra. We were hosting high school honors orchestras and we would be playing with them. We had rehearsal Friday night from 5-9 pm then Saturday we had classes and rehearsals from 8 am to 7 pm.  So long for my sleep-in weekend. I was really mad about this because I am not actually in this class I just show up when I can to help them out because they only have two freshmen cellists and he wants someone in each section that knows the system and can help out. I had a really bad attitude about this and after the first rehearsal Friday night I was even more mad. The high school cellists and even the two freshmen cellists were playing horribly. And I guess the college got the music like two weeks ago (the high school students had had it for a month) and they had had time to practice. I had played the pieces once in class on Thursday and the guest conductor had the cellists play one part of the piece one by one and I was the only one who played it correctly! This did not help my mood and my motivation was very quickly deteriorating. I woke up the next morning and went to the first rehearsal and I don't know what the high school students did between 9 pm and 9 am but they played amazing! They blew me away! My motivation to actually try was coming back. And at the end it turned out to be a really good experience and I even ended up liking it.
A few reflections of the week remind me:
That I need to remember to do laundry more than when I have absolutely nothing left to wear.
That I absolutely need to make time for scripture study.
That I need to have a better attitude about things.
And that even though it may look like the worst thing on earth right now, it may turn out to be really good. (Even if you miss the free dinner and the relief society broadcast.)

So there is how I realized that sometimes I need to have a better attitude even if it seems impossible for it to end well.    

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Kanarraville Falls

We went to Kanarraville Falls for a study break yesterday. It was much needed and very well enjoyed.
I took my two freshmen roommates and went for an adventure.

This is my roommate Jessica. She's not what you'd call
an adventurous person, unless reading about
adventures counts

She was continually wiping her hands clean.
It made me laugh. I had a good time hiking up random
stuff while waiting for her to catch up

The entrance to the narrows

We put the camera on rocks as we went along
some of the pictures turned out really cool

I love this picture because I put the camera
on a timer and I was running to get in the shot 
and I was falling over right as the picture took.

The "water slide" 

So about halfway through the hike they were like,
ummm we need to be back by 6 (It was like 4 
and we were at the top) for the pow wow
for a class. So we didn't take very many pictures 
on the way back.