Thursday, May 26, 2011

Pros and Cons

Yesterday I was extremely bored and started thinking if I was in Cedar........then I thought if I was in Cedar I wouldn't be able to go to Sunday dinners, or hang out with my cousins, or have sleepovers on the tramp, or meet new people, and I wouldn’t get to have a new adventure. I’ve decided that adventures build character and teach you new lessons.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Going to UVU :/

So an advisor at SUU said that I should go up to UVU and take calculus II over the summer that it was the same as here. Well dean of the college of math you were soooooooo wrong! UVU starts about 2 chapters after SUU ended and the teacher doesn’t explain why you do what you are doing she just does a whole bunch of examples and says "so we have what" and "this equals what" a lot but they aren’t questions for the class she is literally asking herself how to do the problem and sometimes she does it wrong and has to go back and do it again! Needless to say I dropped that class, trying to do two extra chapters of work while trying to figure out what the craziness she is doing on the board was just too confusing. Instead I decided to try to up my grade in calculus I so I'm just going to retake it and hopefully get a higher grade to raise my GPA. I also found out that they teach a class that I forgot to withdraw from when I stopped going so that will be very helpful in raising my GPA and I can take a class to fulfill all the requirements for my minor. So I guess that the summer won't be a total loss. I also moved hoping it would be easier to find a job, well it’s hard to find a job anywhere, I’m either over qualified or under qualified, so my quest for a job goes on.
I have one roommate and like the 5th day I was here she asked me “How Mormon are you?” I’m still not really sure how to answer that question. My roommate follows most of the commandments from what I can see, not including modesty or going to church. Hayley said that her institute teacher calls them Mormon but…….s.
Here are some pictures of my apartment. The kitchen is really small and feels crowded when the two of us are in it I couldn’t imagine what it’ll be like if we get a roommate or two. I live on the 3rd floor and have a beautiful view of the church. (note the sarcasm) There is a train that goes by about 5 times a day and blows its horn an excessive amount; it’s a good thing I’m a heavy sleeper so I can sleep through it. Where I live is pretty cool it has a workout room with TV’s and they transmit the sound to the treadmills so you just plug in your headphones and watch what you want at the volume you want. There are also two pools and two hot tubs, all of which are closed currently and very dirty, I hope this changes soon. There is also 5 buck pizza, a textbook store and wise guys comedy.
 This is right when you walk in the door

The kitchen

The living room

The hallway to my room

My bathroom.
There aren't any drawers :(

Things I learned at SUU

Well my first year at SUU is over here are a few lessons learned while in Cedar City
1.       Every sound of every letter and when it says what sound and why.
2.       You can get used to the sound of constant traffic.
3.       Along with the traffic you get used to the sounds of sirens all the time.
4.       Riding your bike is faster than driving, almost always. (College drivers are almost worst than high school drivers, especially when late.)
5.       The picture of a tiger on the letter t is not a good idea because all the kids call it a lion.
6.       Almost all ESL students call the quarter a penny.
7.       Vegetables is a hard word to say and sometimes starts with a b.
8.       There are not enough practice rooms and people don’t value music like they do at Snow.
9.       That people don’t know who the Beatles are.
10.   How to play racquetball.
11.   Sometimes you have to ask the same question to several professors and see what answer is said most before acting.

12.   You have to phrase questions like you would to a 4 year old if you want the math professor to be able to understand you.

13.   You do not need a blender to make a shake, just a cup a fork and lots of patients.

14.   Homework cannot come first, you must go play softball and go on dates and go on crazy adventures or life here is going to suck.
15.   Toilet paper lasts a lot longer when you don’t share a bathroom with 4 other girls!
16.   Number 14 only works if some of your professors cancel class so you can get it all done. Or if you stay up late and wake up early.
17.   Make friends with good values and they won't lead you astray but lead you to grow.

18.   I do not want to live by a freeway or major road when I grow up.
19.   No one can be trusted! Sad but true.
20.   I have awesome parents who taught me great skills, like how to get an earring out of a sink when someone drops it down the drain and is in tears about it. (It was from Paris)

21.   Sometimes you just need to cry.
22.   When prices on food and gas go up financial aid goes down. L

23.   Going to bed at 2 am and waking up at 6:30 am three nights in a row is a really really bad idea.
24.   Sometimes you have to learn the hard way
25.   How to sleep through lots and lots of noise
26.   If you’re nice to others they are nice to you

27.   No matter how many times you tell people that you are not going to share your lunch they still ask. (This one bothers me a lot because this one particular guy says that it is very rude that I eat my lunch in front of him every day. Well buddy I’m not your mom make your own lunch!)

28.   You can’t help students that never go to school
29.   Doing homework can be fun if you find the right study group
30.   Even if you are super tired taking the extra 10 minutes to read your scriptures and say your prayers is well worth it.
31.   My parents are cooler than most, ok almost all, parents.
32.   I’m glad my parents taught me of the effects of drugs and alcohol at a young age so that when presented with them I already had an answer.
33.   You can eat enough at free food things to last you the rest of the day

34.   Always eat the free food, even if it’s cold
35.   Running and eating new foods does not mix, sticking with what I eat everyday makes my tummy much happier.
36.   Great friends and awesome wards are rare so treasure them when you find them
37.   True friends always find a reason to get together and then they make it epic!
38.   I think I may have lucked out on the roommate front this year. Let’s hope next year is half as awesome as this one was.