Friday, August 31, 2012

Love SUU

My first week in Cedar City has flown by! I got to Cedar on Friday, unpacked some of my stuff (you know just enough that I could get dressed, brush my teeth and sleep) then on Saturday I kinda unpacked some more stuff but was gladly interrupted by my awesome friends asking me to go play a game of ultimate Frisbee. Man how I have missed playing with them.

Sunday we all went to church (like all different wards this year) and we also went to the fireside that night. At first I wasn’t going to go to the fireside because I was like well I’d have to drive there and then find a parking spot and it starts in like 20 minutes but then I was like WAIT you CAN make it to a church activity in five minutes it’s not like you have to consider the bus and metro schedules and you aren’t going to go?!!!! What’s wrong with you?!!!! The fireside was awesome.

Monday was packed full of fun (well Monday after classes was, cause classes were just a giant disaster that day) We played ultimate Frisbee then went to FHE then went to park discovery to play dotdot and found a tarantula. Never mind the 3 math assignments I had to do there was fun going on!!!!

The rest of the week continued in this pattern of awesome funness (they should add this word to the dictionary next time they add words).

My room still isn’t unpacked, I haven’t really gone grocery shopping, but I have played 4 games of ultimate Frisbee and finished all my homework before the long weekend.

This is going to be an extremely awesome (and hard) semester!
My half unpacked room. Maybe I'll get around to it on Saturday.
The tarantula we found
(It was pitch black when we went to the park so I'm not sure how the girls found it)

Today's Ultimate Frisbee game
I was running full speed to catch the Frisbee, and win the game, when all of the sudden my leg like cramped up and I just fell to the ground. Everyone looks at you really weird when you fall to the ground when you have a good 3 foot lead on the person chasing you. I took this picture while waiting for a ride home, there was no way I was walking back to my apartment now.


Oh yea my roommates this year are like a trillion times better than my roommates last year. (Yea I said trillion and that’s not an exaggeration)

Sunday, August 19, 2012


Lately I've been wishing I could go back to church in Greece. I know that sounds crazy since I didn't JUST LOVE my time there, but I miss it. I miss how much each member wanted to be there. I miss how much they sacrificed to be there, to live in accordance with God's plan. I miss the out pouring of love I felt whenever I walked into the building. I miss brother Hicks asking me until I finally said yes to say the prayer in sacrament. I miss trying to figure out words in Greek.
This is funny to me because the whole time I was there I couldn't wait to go back and blend into the crowd (I somehow haven't been able to get this one to work yet). I couldn't wait to be able to drive to church so I wouldn't have to plan around the bus schedule. I couldn't wait to go to a YSA ward. I couldn't wait to have my personal bubble back. I couldn't wait to leave.
Now I that I'm back I've been avoiding the YSA ward. Because it's too far to drive to. Yea I'm complaining about DRIVING 20 minutes to church.
I'm also still confused on how to tell people who I don't know very well that Greece is not somewhere I want to live and that it wasn't all fun and games and that nothing beats growing up in Mapleton Utah.
I hope I always remember my time in Greece and the lessons I learned there. I don't ever want to forget how incredibly happy I was when I walked into the Halandri branch for the first time and heard the missionaries talking in English, and every Sunday after that. I want to remember how much I looked forward to Saturday nights, Sunday mornings, and Monday night's activities.

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