Thursday, June 30, 2011

Utah Valley Half Marathon

So I ran the Utah Valley Half Marathon on June 11, 2011. I still don’t understand the pleasure of running and now that I’ve done it I think I may be done, unless anyone wants to do the Disney Land half marathon with me, then I would do it again. I ran it in 2:15:08, pretty good for someone that’s had around 5 surgeries on their feet and hasn’t ever ran before. Red powerade and me do not get along. It seriously made me throw up a little when I drank it, needless to say at the next station I searched out blue. The last like 3 miles of the race you could see the finish line but it never seemed like it was getting closer; it was the longest 3 miles of my life! I was so happy when I finished and saw the clock said a time way faster than I anticipated I could run.
The begining of the race waiting for the gun to go off
It was soooooo cold
somehow dad missed me in the tunnel but
                                                   heres a picture of me leaving the tunnel

This first hill was a killer

Ya cars drove past going super fast as you were running it was a little scary

The misters felt sooo good

Look at me finish!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Memorial Day weekend

On Sunday we were all jumping on the tramp and Kenny goes “what if we slept out on the tramp?” I told him about how we used to sleep out on the tramp with the uncles and aunt Nedra and that maybe we could sleep on the tramp this summer. Uncle Dylan told Kenny that he needed help moving stuff on Saturday so maybe on Friday they could come over and we could make s’mores and sleep out on the tramp. Well we did have a ton of fun but it started to rain so we didn’t get to sleep out on the tramp we had to move inside.
On Saturday we helped to move the office to the new building. Myia and Kenny were awesome helpers and we got a lot moved.

I think Kenny may be jumping on Myia
It looks like its snowing but its just the ash from the fire

Jordan trying to figure out how to get the stuff off the top shelf

Kenny figured out how to get it down!

The new office

Auntie in her new playroom

Kenny's helping gma go through gpa Kens stuff

Brysen didn't like walking back and forth so he would always take two boxes

We had a really fun weekend but there were a few things missing like one Lauren and one Parker.