Thursday, September 18, 2014


So the first three weeks of school have been crazy! I have a math class that requires you to type up all of your homework. This is my answer to one part of one of my questions:
 \item Show that $\mathbb{Z}_{10}$ is generated by $2$ and $5$.\\
$\langle 2 \rangle$ $={0,2,4,6,8}$\\
$\langle 5 \rangle ={0,5}$\\
$\langle 2,5 \rangle ={0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9}$\

It’s as if math wasn’t already a foreign language now we are adding LaTeX on top of new crazy concepts. I almost always have to stay up until midnight the night it is due trying to get it all typed up. I have no clue what goes on in advanced calculus most of the time, but neither does anyone else so I guess it’s ok.

Today I was trying to budget my time better so I was trying to figure out how much time I spend on each class and at work and everything. After doing some math I figured that I should somehow have 20 hours a week of free time. Where is this free time going?!! I do not have 20 hours a week of free time, I am constantly scrambling to finish everything and have a social life.
This last week was homecoming and I decided that I could have a social life and get all my homework finished, and I almost accomplished that. Homecoming was so much fun though so it was worth it.
Friday night was the like pep-rally so I went with a group of friends and we had a blast. But I learned that even at 10:30 at night, at a college pep-rally, you will still see a student you teach, and it will be at the worst time it could be. I had filled my hoodie pocket with candy and my friend Dave wanted some of it but I wasn’t in the sharing mood so he decided he would force me to share, so of course two students from the middle school walk past while we were wrestling and were like” hey aren’t you our math teacher?” Of course you see your students while you are acting their age, not when I was like just standing around talking, no they had to see me when I was wrestling around on the ground with friends.  Saturday morning I walked in the parade with the math club then went and did some advanced calc homework, then our ward had a BBQ and we all went to the game together. I wanted some kettle corn so we went to see the prices and we decided that the $2 bag probably wouldn’t feed all of us so we got the $6 bag thinking it would be enough for everyone to have a little. This was the size of the bag:

Needless to say we had kettle corn for a few days, even five people can’t eat that much popcorn during one football game.  We left the game early because it was the 3rd quarter and SUU still hadn’t managed to get a touchdown. Oh and by the way the math department was genius and made our shirts for homecoming the color of the other team.

 Turns out if you have this much fun in one weekend the next week is pretty horrible. At the beginning of the week I was on one of those blow-up rafts, you know the cheap ones from like the dollar store, but as the week progressed my raft got a hole and now I’m just trying to tread water and keep my head above water.