Saturday, February 12, 2011

Two parties and a test

The boys in the apartment next door decided to throw a super bowl party. They got a pot going and bought like $50 worth of food, most of it meat. It was really fun. They put two couches in their apartment, one on cinderblocks, and invited a ton of people over. There were about 20-30 people there. If you have seen my apartment you’re probably wondering how to fit 20 people in it, use your imagination and think like college students. I think someone took pictures but they haven’t shown up on facebook yet.

I spend most of my time at study groups for calculus as I am determined to get an A in this class. That’s why I haven’t updated my blog very much this year, I’m either at study group or sleeping. On Friday we had a test in calc. and after taking the test I saw someone in my friend Kristina’s class and told her that she needed to embarrass Kristina by having the class play happy birthday and sing to her (I should probably mention that it’s a class of about 10 people who play various string instruments) Sarah said man it would be even better if we had a cake to eat after. I decided that would be awesome so I called work and asked if there was anything for me to do or if I could come in late they said there wasn’t anything to do so I called Kristina’s husband and asked if he had a class at one and he said no so we went and bought a cake for her and went to her class and surprised her. Her husband, Wes, asked if the teacher was in on it and I said no, she doesn’t even know about it and he almost wouldn’t do it with me. When we walked in the teacher immediately started playing happy birthday and totally went along with it. And we did embarrass her and made everyone in that class happy that they got to eat cake instead of do their work. Then when I went to work they were having a party. Friday was a good day. Today just consists of making up two weeks’ worth of homework that I didn’t do because of the calc test that was yesterday.