Sunday, November 30, 2014

Being selfless

Today in Sunday school we had a lesson on president Uchtdorf's talk Are You Sleeping Through the Restoration?  In his talk he says “those who are selfish seek their own interests and pleasures above all else. The central question for the selfish person is “What’s in it for me?”” When I read this I realized that my attitude yesterday was just that. I was wondering why should I do this I’m not getting out of it what I want. Yesterday I had a really hard lesson and afterwards I was in the locker room and my boss came up to me and was like “Wow, you did a really great lesson. I was watching from the deck and you were amazing!” The age split in the lesson was horrible; I had a mom and her 4 kids, ages 6 to 14 and they didn’t buy lift tickets. But I made the most of the lesson and it ended up being a great lesson. I was really bummed because I taught this amazing lesson, the mom loved it and told me how good it was, but I didn’t receive any tips that weekend. All I could think about was why am I putting so much effort into lessons when it seems no one notices, at least not enough to feel it appropriate to tip.
In Sunday school I realized that although I wasn’t getting what I wanted out of lessons I was learning. I am learning how to be patient, I’m learning how describe the same thing different ways, and I’m getting really really good at hiking with my snowboard on. I know lessons are about what’s in it for the client and this lesson was a great reminder to keep on giving great lessons without expecting anything but a thank you at the end.

Here’s my challenge to you: What are you selfish about and how are you going to change? 

Friday, November 28, 2014


I went home just for the day for Thanksgiving. I took Sarah and Jojo to bridal veil falls and jumped with them and played monopoly. It was really fun. Here are some awesome pictures from our adventures:

Jojo doing a flip

Sarah doing a flip

Sarah touching her toes

They loved playing with the ice

They were determined to get the ice out of the stream 

They did get it

Dylan teaching Jojo how to ride a longboard

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Bryce Canyon National Park

Since there was no school today and we had to stay in town to go to work we decided to go on a hike at Bryce Canyon. Here are the pictures that pretty much sum up our roommate relationships. We have a ton of fun together. I don't think I'll ever find roommates as awesome as these guys again.
I am very sad I need to move but alas life has different plans.

There was a bus tour there and all the people were
very scared that I was going to fall and get hurt climbing 
into this hole. I really scared them when I jumped
out of the hole.

Michelle, Megan, and me

we have way too much fun together

"It's like I'm riding an elephant!"

This pretty much sums up our house.
I make funny faces, and Megan looks at me like
you are never going to grow up......

this picture totally happened by
 chance and is awesome

We tried to recreate it, not very successful

"Megan! Hug that tree with me!"-Michelle

Look I'm in a tree!

I can get in a picture in 10 seconds!
Go self timer pictures

We were so tired by this time. Our legs were burning

Yeah we took off our hoodies and then everyone
really looked at us like we were crazy.
Most of the people on the bus had on full winter coats
with hats and gloves, us we just had a hoodie,
well for a little while we did.

This is what happens when the camera 
falls right as it takes the picture.
 (It fell backwards)

And just because I can take panoramas with my camera: