Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Back at SUU!

OK so a lot has happened since my last blog. I don’t have pictures of like any of it (I couldn’t find my camera) but it was way fun.
We went to California for the weekend to go to Ashley’s wedding.
Finals at the world’s most unhelpful university, a.k.a. UVU, came and went and I got the grades that I expected to get and I moved out of that apartment and lived at home for 2 weeks, went to Lagoon once then moved to Cedar City.
Can I just tell everyone how much I love it in Cedar! The first day I was here the few others that were here played games and watched a movie, the next day they forgot about me! Can you believe that they forgot to invite me to Sand Hollow with them. I was very sad but they made it up to me by doing a spontaneous night swim at the manmade lake/pond thing. The next day we went to Park Discovery, this is one of the coolest parks I have ever been to. There are lots of places to explore and lots of places to hide, I love going there. Sunday was also jam packed with fun, church is at one so we all stayed out late Saturday night so we could sleep in. I love wards where you just walk in and feel at home. After church we went to the fireside then we had ward prayer and treats. After ward prayer we had dinner then we played games again.
Then today was the first day of classes, my classes start bright and early at 8 am, I know what you’re thinking you’re in college make a better schedule, well this class is only taught at two times and the other is during a time when a class is only taught at that time, total bummer. The day was going great I liked my classes and I got free lunch then I checked my e-mail. They changed a class so that it now comes with a $60 fee, that was fine they told me in the middle of the summer that was the case and there was no book listed for the course so I figured ok $60 it could be worse, oh it was worse. The teacher is requiring a book that she wrote and only one place has the rights to sell it so on top of the $60 we have to buy a book for $136! No way! I talked to a lot of people about this and have decided to see if I can get the $60 fee waived so I can afford to buy this book. I ended my school day with orchestra, I love going to orchestra because you know like your whole section and everyone just gets along and its way fun.
Now the fun started all over again. After orchestra we played Ultimate for like 3 hours, then went to FHE and played slip-n-slide kickball. You have to slide into 2nd and home on a slip-n-slide it was way fun. After FHE we decided we weren’t finished having fun so we went to Park Discovery and played dot dot for like 2 hours. I have had more fun in the week that I’ve been in Cedar than I did all year at wolverine crossing.
As for my roommates, well we’ll just say they have deeper pockets than me and that I’m glad this isn’t my first year down here.
I forgot to mention the incredibly long hike that Steph got me to go on. She posted on Facebook who wants to go hike up a really cool river? Well it was very educational, not so much a river as a stream in a dry river bed, and a really long hike. We went so she could work on her senior project.  

This looks like how me and Dylan used to play together

JoJo was so tired by the end of the day that he went and
buckled himself in his seat hoping we would leave

I guess this is the park that my mom and Lisa used to play at all the time
It was really funny to hear them talk about playing there

If I smile while I poke it is that considered being soft?

this makes me think of Brian Regans Party Games bit.

this kid can down popsicles like no ones business

and finally my room in Cedar City