Monday, June 21, 2010


Kelly, Keri, and I went to California for a few days and hung out with Sarah and JoJo and Grammy and Lisa. We had a blast. On the way there we left at 4 Monday morning. It was foggy on the way and it was slow going but I got to use my fog lights. We got to Auntie Lisa's at like 1 p.m. and we set up the slide then we swam for the rest of the day. At like 9 we were tired and we decided to go to grandmas, but first she had us go to WinCo, we were walking around trying to figure out what we needed to eat for a week but we were like zombies just walking around. We discovered that it was only 9:30 p.m. and that we probably looked really funny walking around as tired as we were, when we got to grandmas she asked if we felt the earthquake, we said we were so tired we just figured that we were walking funny. We went to the beach on Tuesday and buried Keri and Kelly and Sarah and JoJo in the sand, it was kind of cold so we went back to Lisa's and swam and sat in the hot tub. On Wednesday we helped grandma do some yard work then we watched Enchanted and Sarah and JoJo came over and we played hide and seek with them. Then we left on Thursday morning and the car overheated in Baker so we drove with the windows down and the heater on. Keri does not like the windows down so me and Kelly rolled her window down then locked it. We made a lot of stops on the way back to check the fluids every time someone had to use the bathroom we stopped. When we were almost home I had my window down and it was a little chilly and Keri kept yelling "I'M COLD!" "IT'S COOOOOOLD!" so then I was yelling back at her "KERI'S COOOOLD KELLY" It was really fun! When we got off our exit me and Keri yelled at the top of our lungs "WE'RE HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOME!" Until we ran out of air. Then we made it home.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day

What? it worked!

Its so cold he wont even get in!

O.K. so he was the first to go under.

Yes it was cold enough to need to stand by the fire after swimming

We had a ton of fun yesterday, even if it was freezing cold. We cleaned off aunties deck, hung the hammock, swam in the pool, and of course at smoked ribs and chicken! I don't know who's crazier Kenny or Mason but they had a lot of fun. I taught Myia and Kenny how to do backies on the tramp so I could have bakie wars with them like me and Nedra used to have and they are getting pretty good at it. Nedra, you'll have to come out and show them how a pro does it. Only 28 more days until Indiana!