Friday, December 26, 2014


My last semester of classes came and went and I miraculously, and with some(ok a ton of) help from an amazing teacher, passed all my classes. I managed to move almost a whole apartments worth of furniture/clothes/dishes/etc. into my room at my parents house much to my father’s chagrin and I HAVE TO GROW UP! I think that is what people should be afraid of, not spiders, heights, or snakes, being an adult is way worst than any creepy crawly thing. Growing up is the hardest thing I’ve ever tried, and I took advanced calculus!
This Christmas I went home for the four days before Christmas and had a blast with all my cousins! We went to the bean museum, bowling, shopping, played lots of games, zoo lights, and then Lauren, Myia and I broke out of the zoo and went to Waffle Luv and decorated t-shirts.
We had to have Christmas on the 24th because I had to work on Christmas. On Christmas eve me and Dylan went to some hot pots on my way back to Cedar, it was soooooo cool! You could see the whole milky way and there was awesome lightning in the distance and you could see the storm rolling in.
I woke up Christmas morning to like 6” of snow and it just kept on snowing all day. It took us over an hour to drive up to Brian Head, it snowed so much that they closed the canyon road. It didn’t stop snowing all day and kept on snowing all day the 26th. There was a semi that tipped over in the canyon so we couldn’t leave. We didn’t leave work until 6! It was crazy. It’s been a great Christmas; I got tons of socks, uber fun family time, and 3 feet of powder!

Sometimes being an adult stinks, like when you have to work on Christmas. Working all the time now has taught me how precious family time is. I cannot wait until I have a job with set hours and holidays. 

I had some presents from friends that I left at my apartment
that I opened on Christmas morning.
Auntie Lisa got me the awesome bag, my friend Megan got me the book Flatland,
and my friend Jennifer got my the game set.

Christmas morning we were greeted with knee deep powder on our magic carpets
It was light and fluffy but still surprisingly hard to clear off

After we broke out of the zoo and had waffle luv we made awesome t-shirts
They glow in the dark!

Waffles from waffle luv

Parker climbing in the lion drinking fountain

I found these gems on my phone

Elle sure does love her selfies 

I pretty much won everyone in bowling and I didn't even
bowl my first 3 frames Kate did!

I found these pictures on my phone to

Kate at the Bean Museum

This butterfly was made of butterflies!

These were awesome close up pictures of different bugs

Mom brought home some crab legs. They were delicious!!!!!

Sunday it rained all day so I texted Nedra that her kids
could make mudmen instead of snowmen

Michelle made me this awesome skateboard coat rack.
DFTBA stands for don't forget to be awesome

We made the girls at work all ninja cookies with something about
their personality on it. They really loved them!

The Christmas tree at out apartment. 

Overall, Christmas this year was awesome. I loved just hanging out and playing with everyone.