Saturday, May 2, 2015


I finally made it!!!! 
I've changed a bike tire with two pens, hiked angels landing a few times, gotten my first stitches, gone  on crazy fun adventures, lived in Greece, bungee jumped for the first time, had my favorite job, wrote poop in the stadium seats, felt like I wanted to give up, rode in a superpipe, and survived student teaching

I owe it all to my awesome parents, without my mom and dad pushing me to keep going I would have given up for sure. I have a lot of pitfalls and a ton of storms to wade through, I have learned how to keep on treading water even when my head was below water. My parents have been my biggest supporters and biggest fans, I couldn’t have done it without you Mom and Dad love ya!
I also couldn’t have made it through without the help and encouragement of friends: Christina Rawlinson, Michelle Kerksiek, Rebecca Tuft, and Megan Greene you all helped me through in your own special way! I am sad to see this book come to an end but the next book of my life will be just as fun and crazy.

Here are pictures of the long crazy day of graduation:

This picture reminds me of a picture from high school
I'm pretty sure Dylan, Dad and Auntie Wanda were
sitting in the same order with the same looks on a wall
in Disneyland 

We took a picture every time Mom took a picture

Mason looking at the big screen

Keaton giving everyone wet willies 

I was told Dylan was practicing his expressions

I graduated under the same president at Snow
and Southern Utah University

Amber decorated her hat it was really cool

Kelsey, Amber, and me
We had every class together and held numerous study groups
we never would have made it through without eachother

Me and Jennifer Ganowsky
she came back to study for her masters and took a few undergrad
classes to refresh her memory. She held great study groups and
fed us numerous times, and even employed me

Amber Kunzler, Kelsey Whipple, Jennifer Ganowsky, and Tiffany Greer
We could usually be found studying together, on the 4th floor of the ELC

Jazmine Lister, Benny Lister, me, Jennifer, Tiffany
Jazmine carried me through a lot of I give ups and I'm never
going to graduates and made me push on and get that diploma!

Jordan was laying back in the grass to get a good picture and
Keaton came up and stood at his feet and wouldn't move
He just stood there eating his honey bun. 

Trying to make Keaton eat candy

We couldn't get a good picture this is the best

Amber, me, Kelsey, Tiffany

Kelsey, me, Jazmine, Tiffany

Me, Jazmine, Tiffany

me, Jazmine

This is the building I had most of my classes in

Megan Greene spelt con-grads out on the cheese cake with
skittle but we were too anxious to eat it.
One week we lived off skittle, Reese's, cheesecake, 
ice cream, sour bright crawlers, and Dr. Pepper
It's a good thing we had a job that fed us a balanced meal for dinner every day

The last picture I will probably take while working at
Discovery Ranch for Girls
No school will have as good of a view as this one.

I made a flat Brittney for a school project and when I moved for student teaching
I left it on the wall so I could still be a part of the fun

me and Jordan eating The Pizza Cart pizza
Best Pizza Ever!

We did it!!
Jazmine Lister, me

me and Megan

Auntie Wanda made this awesome cake

Jeni got me some awesome posters for my future classroom
This one is my favorite

I went down to Cedar to visit Megan and Michelle and Megan had a ceramics project to finish
so I wrote lesson plans in the ceramics studio while she made this bowl. About two weeks later
her teacher told her the bowl wasn't big enough and we had a huge talk about how much we can
eat and decided the bowl was big enough and it kind of became a joke if your bowl was big 
enough or not and she gave it to me!!

I think my Dad goofs off just to see how long he can get away with it

The living room! This is where you could find most of your friends hanging out
well at least for the first year or two, after that life gets crazy and you
spend all your time studying

Well since my college experience is over I guess this blog is over too
It's been a crazy ride but I held on to the end