Saturday, August 31, 2013


Another school year has started and everything that comes with it. All the friends and fun and all the classes and stress. I was really excited for this year, this was going to be MY year. I have roommates that are friends, I was going to pass all of my classes and everything was going to be awesome!! I guess sometimes life has crazy plot changes.

I moved on the 17th and had a week to get settled before classes started. That was a good week, I got settled, played a lot of ultimate Frisbee, and had a relaxing week of Netflix.

Then someone at Walmart decided they needed my phone more than I did. That really sucked. Like the worst thing to start a semester off ever! Then just to pour some lemon juice in the wound the school gave me the runaround on getting a credit to be accepted from the study abroad I went on.

Now for the fun that the first week has brought. Classes are crazy! It’s only been one week and I’m like whoa back it up, what are we talking about. What just went on? And other times I’m like say what?!! That works EVERY time, like I can always do this and I always get the right answer?

Also not having a phone for the first 3-4 days of class was liberating and frustrating at the same time. On one had I never had to worry about if anyone texted me and asked me to do anything cause I didn’t have a phone, on the other hand I had no clue when the fun stuff was happening. Also I couldn’t google, man I am addicted to google, when I want to know something I want to know it now. But pondering stuff and deciding what is really important enough to remember to do later is sometimes better.

After using the new windows 8 tablet I kinda wish all computers were touch screens. Like when you’re typing and want to scroll down no need to figure out where the mouse went just touch the screen and move the page. So many times I’ve tried to touch my computer to make it do something. Also on the note of computers, 6 people trying to use the same internet connection to watch Netflix at the same time does not work so well. Also we don’t have a TV so unless we go out in the crazy rain storms or 90°+ weather the internet is our form of entertainment. Ok so we have board games but Uno and every version of apples to apples are only fun for so long. Or you know do school work but that’s not fun.

Let me tell you a little bit about the house we live in. The kitchen is a one person at best kitchen, there is one outlet, and maybe 2 feet of counter space. I live in a room that was added on, that is also falling off. I walk through my closet to get to my room, I also walk through the mudroom to get to my room, and there is no forced air in my side of the house. It’s gonna be a fun adventure this year!!

I think I’m ready to take this year by storm, it’s just gotta get better from here right?!!

Now for a few pictures of the awesome house I live in.        

Here's our kitchen, note I'm standing in the living room
this picture makes it look way bigger than it is.
the one outlet is behind the microwave

This is the door to my room, the shelves
are our version of a pantry

This is my closet, you cant really go in it
without knocking something down

This is my room. What is up with the dark curtain you
might ask? Well the view out that window isn't really private

Ohh and did I mention that the light over the door
is a safety light so it stays on all night long? 
Yea the first few nights were not good I promptly went 
out and bought a blackout curtain, now it's much better.


Ohh I forgot about the crazy adventure I went on for Dylan. So you all probably know Dylan crashed while longboarding again, what’s new? So when he crashed he lost his board so I went up to find it. That was possibly the creepiest place I have ever been. The whole time I was up there I felt like someone was watching, not like there were people around and they were wondering why I was looking around in the bushed but like a completely deserted place with absolutely no one around and someone watching you feeling. I told Dylan they were on their own the next time they lose something up there. 

Thursday, August 1, 2013


I went to house sit for my Auntie Lisa and had a blast at the beach with them before they left. Also I kinda like having absolutely nothing to do. I like just waking up and seeing what I feel like doing then going and doing that. I swam, and watched TV, and just did whatever I felt like.

On our way to the beach

me boogie boarding

He filled that bucket full of water to put
in his mote around his castle

he sure loves to throw sand

there were lots of crabs on the rocks

His towel was super heroes so he was
being a hero with his cape

It was sooooooo sooooo soooo cold
the sun came out for like 5 min when we were
about to leave 

Jojo has a hard time standing still long enough to take a picture

On the way home from the beach

On Sunday I went over to Tremayne and Robin's for dinner.
Anthony showed me his tree fort and archery.

I stopped on the way out home and took this picture

When I was bored I would go out to the pool and put my camera on a 
ten second timer and run over to the rocks and jump. 

self timers are fun

I went to the beach with Grandma and Grandpa and took awesome sunset pictures

Grandpa was walking fast the whole time and I kept 
telling him to slow down so this was
his slow mode walk

Oceanside harbor