Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Student teaching up date

I have started to teach all of the classes. I wish that the teacher would give me a little more freedom to change some policies but she is super strict. I think in my future classroom I will let students turn in two assignments per test late and I will let them do make-up quizzes. Their grade suffers so much if they miss school, even if it’s for school excused absences she won’t let them make up the quiz, which is frustrating to both the parents and the students. She also grades that you either get it right or get it wrong, I like to do partial points for showing work going in the right direction. I cannot wait to have my own class and grade it and have the room set up like I want!  
I have gotten better at figuring out when the class is lost and finding new ways of teaching the material. I have taught a lot of really great lessons, and one or two that need improvement. Every day I have to write a log of how my lesson went and what needs to be improved, I always ask my teacher what she thinks I should change/fix before teaching the lesson again and she almost always says nothing it was great, this makes my areas in need of improvement section really small. I think teaching here will help me pass the praxis. I think that they should have teacher candidates take a class that actually teaches them what they will be teaching, yes I learned this stuff in high school but I didn’t use it in Advanced calculus or Modern Geometries so I have forgotten it. There needs to be a reform of what classes math education majors take.
This weekend I also landed a board slide to 180 off a box rail! I was so excited! I also landed a switch 180 my first try! My new board like makes me a ninja.