Tuesday, July 22, 2014

One Crazy ride

Hey family, so this month has been quite the ride. I think that we’ve established that if you call me at 11 o’clock at night I will, in fact, be asleep. Unless I’m watching the cutest little Zander ever. The 4th of July was weird this year. I had plans to hang with friends, but instead I was at the hospital. The hospital has air-conditioning, like so much air-conditioning that you need a jacket, that was kind of a plus, a week of air-conditioning.
I was also home to pick Justin up from EFY on the 5th, we had so much fun we played tons of New Super Mario Bros. That night Myia and Kenny came over and we played more Mario and then we played with fireworks. Yes that’s right the adults of the house let me and Myia, and Kenny and Justin light off fireworks when we were the only ones home. Boy did we have fun. We found some mortars but we couldn’t find the thing you put them in to shoot them off so we went to the neighbors and his solution was not the best but we did get to see them go off. Then we found a whole bunch of flowers and Kenny lit them off and put them in the ditch. We had a really fun night and in the morning we got Frazils, I let Justin get the biggest cup they had, that was one really happy cousin.
The rest of the month has been Dr.’s and trying to keep the house going. You know I never realized what my dad did every night but boy is keeping the grass and playground weed-free a hard task.

Now for some pictures. 

I got in a lot of Zander time, I also appropriately picked on him

The biggest cup they have. Best face ever!

Yeah we can't all look at the camera at the same time.
But hey we all stood next to each other without pushing
the other over long enough to get a picture!

Justin meeting Zander. He's a good big cousin.
 Justin didn't pick on him.

Kenny and Mason catching the chickens.
Mason was a ninja this weekend. Those are his ninja pads.
He was a very good ninja, he caught those chickens like no 
one else. 

Uncle spun him crazy fast in the swing.

Then he practiced his ninja skills to get into this crazy high swing

Dylan T. sent me and Carson on a chase for a certain kind of milk
and we found some fun stuff on that hunt like shrimp crackers

It was a hard weekend for my glasses.
After two years of use they broke.

Someone brought Dylan a balloon,
 it was very nice to have something new to look at

Close enough

Just cause he's so cute! 
And he throws gang signs

Dylan was on a restricted diet that did NOT include water
But he's not one for the rules

Then we tried to plant trees but ended back up in the ER.

Then my mom broke her leg

And Frank thinks someone will still his toy while he eats.
In his defense it was missing for like 2 weeks.

And more cute pics 

He liked the sunglasses

And finally Zander keeping Aunt Evette company