Saturday, November 3, 2012

Half Marathon and Halloween

Man I have a lot to blog about!

Let’s start with the half marathon weekend. It was an adventure! That weekend I had two tests to take. Let’s take a moment to say that for the whole semester I have two tests on the same day, both in upper division math classes. The Friday before the race Myia, Amber, and I went to the temple to do baptisms then I hung out with Myia, Kenny, Mason and Keaton. We had a blast! The next morning we ran walked/danced the craziest race course ever. Then Sunday night Myia, Lauren, Kenny, Parker, Kate and I had a sleep over. It was really fun. At one point Kate was talking to Uncle Dylan and said “I think I’m too little to have a sleep over!” Which was really funny because I told Nedra that the age limit was 8 and up. but she was really good and we had a really fun time. Monday we went to the new sporting goods store. Myia, Lauren, Kate, Elle and I rode the Ferris wheel while the boys looked around the store. Tuesday I drove back to school and treated myself to CafĂ© Rio for a birthday lunch. Then I saw a friend on campus and he got half the ‘living room’ (it’s the student lounge on campus) to sing Happy Birthday, then later some of my other friends got together and we had pizza and played games. It was a good birthday!  

Mason was the only one left alive at the end of this level.
Funny how the only person winning is the one who cried their way
into having a controller

Mason wanted me to take a picture of his hand.

Our morning walk after our sleep over
Yes Parker is carrying a bunny.
He carried it everywhere

at the new sporting goods store there were lots
of displays to take picutres with

Jordan sent me some pictures of race day!


The next weekend was my fall break and I went home again. Fall break for us is kinda weird they have it on a Monday and Tuesday. Friday I stayed and went to The Piano Guys concert (the cello guy, which is why I went to the concert wasn't there. His wife had a baby girl like right before the concert started.) with my friend Chauncey(and yes it’s his real name). Before the concert we went to Nielsens Frozen Custard, I love their ice-cream. Saturday I did some homework and made a delicious breakfast watched some movies then drove home. Sunday I got the coolest gifts for my birthday and had a great fall break.


Which brings us to this week. Which has been a crazy week. When I came back from going home on Saturday my roommate had put up a Christmas tree! Before Halloween! She's breaking so many unwritten rules of the holidays. This week seems like it’s been the never ending week and yet here it is Thursday and I still have more stuff to do than week left. Monday night for FHE we carved pumpkins. NO one got mine. I guess I'm just too nerdy for my ward. Halloween night was fairly uneventful for a college student. We just made some French bread pizza and watched clue.

Get it? 3.14

I had to bring some Halloween into our apartment.

Remember how I said at the beginning of the year that my roommates were way better than last year, well I retract that, they are only better in the sense that they don't do drugs.