Tuesday, July 16, 2013


On Thursday we woke up at 4 am, or in Dylans case went to sleep at 4 am, and drove to Colorado to see the Smiths. Luckily this time the drive there was uneventful. We dropped our Auntie off at Tricia’s and then guessed our way to Nedra’s since I forgot my tomtom at home. We made it there very successfully considering I was going off of memory.
Thursday day we hung out at the house and played games and just chilled.
Friday we went to the pool and had a blast!

Saturday we went to Garden of the Gods. It was awesome! We had so much fun. When we got home we launched water balloons at each other and had a blast!

Kate was determined to go everywhere Dylan did

Elle wanted to do everything on her own

I think Dylan's trying to break more bones.
If you look close you can see Dustin's head.

Dylan bailing out of his climb. 
He's about 7 feet off the ground

Getting us all to smile at once is hard

Hiding from the rain

Dylan hiding from the rain

That rock was a lot higher than this picture makes it look.

Parker found a cave down in this hole and Kate wanted
in it so bad. 

She really wanted to be in the cave. Like really bad.
I promise I'm not torturing her. 

Lauren was bored on the car ride to/from Garden of the Gods

Myia's shirt was fun to take pictures of 

Shooting water ballons

This is the video everyone wants to see

Dustin wanted so badly to hit a balloon with the bat. 

Elle almost hit Parker with the balloon

Dylan hitting a balloon the first time at bat! 

I couldn't ever get a hit.

Lauren hit it her first try to I think

Dustin finally hit one!!!!

Sunday we all went to church then had a really fun Sunday dinner. We played spoons with Auntie and Tricia. Then the missionaries came over and we played a game of spoons with them. They were really busy so they had to eat then leave for an appointment, but I guess it’s good that they are busy. After dinner we played the Oreo game and Parker was the only one to get the Oreo in his mouth. Later in the day Dylan, Parker, Kenny, and Kate went for a bike ride and they got caught in a huge rain storm. We were watching for when they came back and they were soaked! We met them in the garage with towels so they could dry off before coming in. I’ve never seen them pedal so fast!!!

Then sadly, Monday we had to come back to Utah. Parker tried to stow away and probably would have made it to Aurora if Myia didn’t say he was hiding in the pile of blankets. Unfortunately the ride home was not uneventful. We got a crack in the windshield the size of a quarter just east of Grand Junction. That was the scariest sound to wake up to. Being dead asleep and having a rock that big hit the windshield is super loud. We also stopped to help a family that was on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere but they were way beyond help. Dylan went to see what the problem was and he said something broke and put a hole through their motor. We made sure they had food and water and a phone to call for help and went on our way.  We all made it back in one tired piece.