Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Christmas to now

I always write my posts in a word document that I have on my computer before I post them, some of my 'posts' that I write never actually end up on this blog. (Some are just for me to write, kinda like you would in a journal) Today I decided that I needed to put the pictures that are still on my camera(which I got for Christmas)  from Christmas onto the blog. I clicked on my word document and to my surprise I found this post already written. It was dated 1-29-13. So my pictures finally came a month later. Hey better late than never right?
Here’s to catching up. So I finally decided that I should post the pictures I have of Christmas and tell everyone how epically awesome it was! We had a blast. I don't even know where to start. I worked Christmas Eve and it snowed a lot! I called my dad and asked if I should drive home or if I should just wait until the morning and he was like no you’ll make it, no problem. Then later in the week after ice skating when it was all snowy out and he rode in my car he was like I can’t believe you drove this car home in the snow this car is horrible in the snow! Well I did make it but a drive that normally takes me like 2.5-3 hours at most turned into a 4 and a half hour drive. But boy was it worth it! Christmas morning was so much fun.
Christmas morning we opened the family gifts then a little later everyone came over and we went over to grandmas and did the gift exchange. After all the presents were opened everyone just spread out and played with their Christmas gifts. My favorite was when Elle asked if she could paint Jordan’s nails and Jordan let her paint his toenails. Now that’s a good uncle.
All the days mixed together but one day we went ice skating, one day we played in the snow and had Uncle Dylan pull us behind the Rhino, we had a cousin sleep over, and lots of other fun things. We can get pretty crazy when we are all in the same place being our crazy selves.

So like I said I got a new camera and everyone was playing with its awesome features. Here are some of the pictures that I pulled off of it.

Look at that concentration

I'm pretty sure everyone was playing on their own new electronic device. 
The boys playing a new Wii game the girls on nooks I think

My camera takes panoramas!
I was afraid this wouldn't turn out because Elle was running toward me 
as I took the picture

My new camera has a cool feature where you can choose 
the color you want to stand out.

I told Parker to stand up so we could see the red on his
pants. He was very reluctant to do so but he just loves me so much.

Nothin' like cheesy pictures with your crazy aunt!

The sledding pictures were taken with my awesome 
goggles that have a camera in them

Sledding in the backyard 


Kenny, Kate and Parker are in the sled.
Kenny is the one trying to pet the horse

The following pictures I took off of my phone

Look at him showing off his hoodie carrying skills

Lauren, Mason, Myia

Me and Mason

I love this picture. Frank is like what is so exciting?

Christmas morning Frank took all of his presents and sat on them

Like the week before Christmas I got a chance to go home for a few days
We had a huge snow storm and the next day dad was like hey lets go down the dirt road
I said you better not. We'll get stuck.
I was right

Shoveling the church like a true Lee.
In shorts.

I moved into a different apartment and the girls I live with now are way more fun but they are all freshmen. You do a lot of growing up in 5 years. I have no clue what half the shows they talk about are and they constantly reference high school. I would much rather take happy freshmen over grumpy seniors any day. We have a lot of fun and we all get along well. I’m really excited about next year though because I talked to my friend the other day and she was like we should be roommates and then a girl from my ward was like we should be roommates next year. So it should be fun and less stressful on the roommate front this summer and next year.

School started again. I only go to class on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and I go to work on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and every other Sunday. I like breaking up the week with work and school, it makes it seem less demanding and adds some fun in the week. But I think I’m destined to not pass calc III. I just took my first test today after taking the day off work to study and I didn't know what like half of the questions were even asking.

Work is awesome! I have a ton of fun and I’ve been studying to get my AASI Level 1 certification. Which pretty much means that I know what I’m talking about and makes it easier to get a job at other resorts. 

Update since I wrote this I took and passed my AASI Level 1 test! 
My certificate and the pin I wear on my uniform saying I'm certified.

This is what they call me at work. A fellow snowboard instructor drew it.

Also I had to get out my drivers license the other day at work because no one believed I was 23. 
I still don't think they believe me.

Also I still believe I'm not destined to pass calc 3. Test two was not any better. 

Sunday, February 24, 2013

One year ago today

One year ago today I’m pretty sure I emailed my parents and asked them to skype me. When they skyped me I’m pretty sure all I did was cry about how scary it was to be living in a foreign country and how much I missed Utah and I’m pretty sure I asked to go home. Luckily that was not an option. I grew so much in that one semester. Much more than I would have had I been allowed to come home. I ended up loving the people I met at church and wish I could go back and meet with them. I miss all of my friends in Greece. You all had an impact on my life!
One of my favorite days in Greece here,  and here not because it was the last day, I really wanted to go to a concert there the whole time I was there and I finally got to!