Tuesday, October 2, 2012


School is wicked hard this semester. I think that probability and statistics will be the class that I barely pass and do a happy dance or retake 2 more times and sigh in relief when I finally see a passing grade.


Luckily there have been some fun distractions to go to. Last week was homecoming week and there were fun activities every night. Thursday night there was an orchestra concert. SUU combined with the community orchestra OSU. Confession I never learned like half of the music because when we combine SUU sits behind OSU and that made me and the other SUU cellist the 13th and 14th cellists and the conductor was always telling the cellists to play quieter so we just didn’t play half the time. Friday night there was an outdoor concert and true Tbird night. After the concert we went to Rebecca’s house and played this awesome card game called Fluxx. It’s really fun and I won all but one round. Saturday was the homecoming parade and I walked with the math department. I think we had the most student body representation. Ya the math club had the most school spirit. Not the student association, or the cheerleaders, or some sports team, the MATH department. Then we lost the homecoming game but the team we were playing was undefeated and is ranked #1 in our conference and we only lost by one touchdown.
During the homecoming game the stake presidency sent out a reminder text about the dinner then the relief society broadcast, lets talk about a cool thing to see, lots of women all leaving the game shortly after the text was sent out. The dinner was delicious and the broadcast was great. That’s what’s been going on in Cedar City.