Saturday, January 22, 2011


What has happened since Christmas break ended? Well I got into all the classes I wanted to be in and at the times I wanted to take them, I talked my way out of having to go to one of the classes (it’s called string studio, it’s really lame you play scales and do busy work for homework) while still getting the credit for going, my iPod was stolen while at work at an elementary school, and I’ve played some awesome games of ultimate Frisbee.

Now to elaborate on the awesome things that happened. I was put into a math 1010 class when I really signed up for math 1210, I just about died when I saw that, there is no way I am going to take a class that I got an A in again. I went and talked to the registration people and they said I didn’t have the prerequisites needed. They figured out that I did have all the prereqs needed and they put me into the class I wanted.

I really hated going to studio class and felt it was a waste of my time last semester so this semester when the teacher said hey why aren’t you taking lessons and I said I didn’t have time or need for studio she said well you can take lessons and not go to studio if that’s what it will take. Well that’s what it took so now I am in lessons and not studio!

I pull students from their regular class and take them to a resource room. Last Friday was a super crazy day, none of the classes that I needed students from were in their classrooms and all the students were on one, they couldn’t sit still to save their life. In the crazy shuffling of students it went missing. We drilled the students and tried to get them to turn on each other but no one would. My supervisor asked me on Tuesday why I didn’t respond to her email that she sent out earlier that day to inform us of changes in the schedule to which I replied, I don’t have my iPod so my responses are going to be really slow now. I read my text books on my iPod and make lots of notes on it; I didn’t realize how much I used it until it was gone. Somehow the temporary principal found out about how much I use it and he graciously gave me money to replace it.

I played some awesome games of ultimate Frisbee. One day we played in the mud and it was awesome. Everyone was sliding around and was covered with mud by the end of the game. The other game we played on a less muddy field but it was coold. I also went to the gymnastics meets with my friends and have been doing a ton of homework. That’s what I’ve been up too.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Dads crazy 4 and 1/2 layer bars

So my dad had this crazy idea to make a better seven layer bar without coconut and he described it all to me while we were shoveling the driveway (I think he thinks too much when he's bored.). So this is what he said to me "what if you made seven layer bars like this: make the bottom layer, wait what even goes into seven layer bars I've never made them." I then explained the process of seven layer bars to him and he goes "O.k. so make the bottom crust layer then the sweetened condensed milk layer then put peanut butter chips and then milk chocolate chips then," in a very excited voice "put more crushed graham crackers on it." while we were making these crazy treats he goes "what if you put marshmallows in it?!" He put marshmallows on half and then covered them with some more sweetened condensed milk. My mom said he was crazy but we made them anyway. When they came out my mom said they were too sweet and you couldn’t eat them and they would just go bad, well they didn’t they got eaten very fast.

My mom said the marshmallows would just burn but they didn't
they turned out nice and crispy crunchy