Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Work is pretty good

Having two jobs and school is not good for my social life. But on the plus side I have made friends with some really cool clients at Brian Head. For some reason my boss thinks that I need to teach all of the kids under 7, yes that includes a 3 year old , and all the really scared soccer moms. So I have met the funniest kids, and some of the worst listeners ever. If you ever want to know something about a family spend 3 hours with the kid riding a chair lift, they will tell you everything. I know why mommy is mad at daddy and why being a Mormon is the best, and why Mormons are weird, and that snow is cold, and that daddy got a new job so the family is moving to England and the kid is kinda scared to go to a new school, and many other random facts. I have also learned that most kids like math class the best, which is really weird to me, and that first person shooters seem to be the game of choice. Lift lines are long and lift rides are even longer. You can learn a lot about a person in a 3 hour lesson. I really like the lessons where the kid talks. The lessons where they just stare at you are really weird.
I also LOVE my job out at Discovery Ranch for Girls!!! Some days I just shake my head and wonder why they made that choice but most days I’m celebrating a huge accomplishment for the girl. I love seeing them grow and learn to ask for help and accept what you tell them, and I love it when they ask for more clarification on their school work. Some of the girls are really good at asking for help and some you have to force to let you help them.  I also love that since I get dinner while I’m there my food bill is much smaller. I really couldn’t ask for better jobs.

And a funny story for the day. I drove up to work with a sucker in my mouth and got out of my car but then I was like oh I don’t want to bring a sucker into work so I walked back to my car and left it in my car. When I got inside one of the students asked me if I was smoking a joint before I came to work! I started laughing so hard. The principal was sitting right there and he started laughing too.

(even if I have to be a grown-up)

This little boarders parents felt that we were a babysitting service and didn't
come to pick up their child until 45 min after the lesson ended. 

The sucker I had that apparently looks like a joint

I don't want to be a grown-up

I think I’m growing up. I think that when you refer to going to your hometown as going to visit your parents for the weekend instead of going home and when going back to your apartment feels like going home you might have grown up. If you are thinking about more then what you’re going to have for lunch, like what your plans are for the next few years you might be growing up.  It’s weird how these things happen, they just sneak up on you without any warning and then BAM!!!! you’re a responsible adult. Maybe. But enough about realizing that I’m an adult. Let’s talk about skiing with the Hatfields through the kiddy trail.

Saturday I went to work in the morning then drove up to take the Hatfields skiing at Sundance. We had a blast. Madi ran into me(twice), Hunter did some jumps, and we all had fun being crazy together. Sundance has this run that has a little village type thing, it has an outhouse door, a bank front, a jailhouse front, and even a waterfall thing you can ride through. We had a lot of fun playing around and I even let them break the rules of my car! I let them eat pizza in the car!! What was I thinking!? I guess Bre doesn’t like the smell of pizza lately so they really wanted pizza after riding but we couldn’t eat it at home so we ate it in the car.
Here's a picture of Madi in jail.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Christmas in Disneyland!!!

Made it through another calendar year!! Life is crazy, I’m not sure who to talk to about going back to being 17 but I would like to. Two jobs and school is just crazy, not the fun kind of crazy either, just the I want to curl up in a ball and hide from the world crazy.
 So December was just a giant blur. There were finals and tons of studying and lots of new students at the ranch and getting the new snowboard instructors all set and man being an adult is hard!!! I faintly remember going to Disneyland for a few days with my fun crazy family. I will always remember when my mom and Demetrius got yelled at for being on the tram trail. I loved the bumper cars with Keaton, and the Lightning McQueen ride with Mason. And we can’t forget the time we couldn’t resist the 5 min wait time for Grizzly Rapids and Kate got soaked and got the cool new shirt. Or the time Justin rode the whole Matterhorn with his knees in his face. That Parker and Jake wanted to go on the scary rides but Lauren and Justin didn’t like them.  Or the night that Ollie was in charge of Parker, Jake and Kenny and they were supposed to go home after one more ride at like 9 and ended up meeting us on Indiana Jones at like 11:45 then going over to the Pirates of the Caribbean for ONE MORE RIDE, (which was a sentence Julia was probably sick of hearing by the end of that ride) and having some cast members tell us we were their favorite group and other cast members look at us like you are way too happy, (like the old man cast member at the end of the ride who was like get out to the right in the most monotone and annoyed voice/face ever), and the crazy tram ride at the end with the unexpecting(that’s not a word weird huh) older couple who got caught in the middle of our group being crazy.  Oh let’s not forget the first day when I realized that having a party at your house the night before you need to be awake at 3 am to make your flight and haven’t packed yet was a bad idea and I forgot to pack a lot of stuff so I jumped in the pool with my clothes on. There were so many fun memories from those four short days that I just can’t name them all. Leave a comment with your favorite memory or two!
After I got home from Christmas I went to work and it has been crazy ever since then. I’ve had some great lessons like the little kids and even some adults who have said I’m the funnest instructor ever and some really bad ones like the one where an old Asian guy named Carlos told me I was too young to be teaching advanced snowboarding lessons and that he would like an older instructor. News flash Carlos there aren’t old snowboard instructors, you can’t feed a family off of snowboard instructor wages.
Then the Brianhead new years eve party happened and that is my favorite part of the year! Why you ask because the resort gives us fire and has us ride down the mountain on our snowboards carrying the fire!!!(ok so their only flairs but they can still burn stuff) Not only am I allowed to play with fire while snowboarding but I get paid to do it and they provide the fire! I love it!

So my life has been crazy busy, with some crazy amounts of fun mixed in. 

Here are pictures of the crazy fun that went on. In true blogger fashion they didn't stay in order. (If you look at them backwards they are more in order but still not in order)

Now for a game of find the family members!!!

I see Ollie, Dylan S., Kenny 

Nedra and Gma Marcia

So there was a like total rave going on at the exit to 
the monsters inc. ride and this is our fun waiting by the rave


Parker, Kenny, Jacob, Evette, Nedra, Demetrius, Ollie, Lauaren


Evette, Wanda, Jordan

Brittney, Myia, Jacob, Parker

I love dustins face in this one

Lauren, Dustin

Kate, Justin, Parker

Mason, Kenny

Parker, Jacob, Evette, Amber, Jordan, Lauren, Wanda,
Demetrius, Marisa, Abby, and Julias hand


Parker, Kenny, Kate

Lauren, Kenny, Mason, Justin
Oh this is my favorite! Mason headed Kenny right 
as I took this picture. We tried to tell Mason that your
 head is not a weapon, but well you know that didn't work

Justin, Lauren, Myia, Keaton

Kenny, Parker, Mason


Lauren, Keaton, Myia

Myia, Keaton, Kenny

Kenny, Parker

Nedra, Dustin, Elle

Parker, Justin

Ollie, Dustin, Jake, Parker

Ollie, Jake, Dustin, Justin


Parker, Justin

Marisa, Abby in the pool
Aunt B, Evette, Dylan on the patio

Aunt B, Evette on the patio
Abby in the pool

Lauren, Abby, Justin

Brittney, Elle, Kate


Uncle Dylan, Kate, Marisa, Abby

Mine, Lauren and Justins attempt at getting all of us in 
a picture under water


Kate, Marisa, Julia

Abby, Marisa, Kate, Brittney, Lauren

Marisa, Kate


Marisa, Lauren

And now for the picture of me snowboarding with fire!!!!

here's a link to watch the torchlight and backcountry hiking from my point of view