Friday, March 14, 2014


It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt. Then it’s hilarious!!!
So I wanted to do something fun for at least one day during spring break so I got some friends to go do the Spooky gulch and Peek-a-boo gulch with me today. So we met at 7:00 a.m.  and headed out. We got to the visitors center, got a map, used the restroom and headed down the road. Driving my car 25 miles down a dirt road was an adventure in and of itself. Also after you turn off the main road about half the way to the trail it says high clearance vehicles beyond this point. Yeah… car’s not exactly what you call high clearance but Dylan and Jake were like nah you’ll make it it looks fine. Well we did make it but it was scary in spots and I’m pretty sure my car will never drive the same again but boy was it worth it. The stories we have now just from the ride alone were worth waking up early on my last day of sleep in for break.  
We got to the trailhead and took the wrong way and had a very adventurous way down to the gulch. I’m not sure how Dylan made it down. He was at the top of a cliff then all of the sudden he was at the bottom I’m pretty sure he’s secretly Superman and can fly.

Here are some pictures of our adventure, where we only made it to the first gulch before someone got seriously injured. But it’s ok, we gave him the keys to the car pointed him in the right direction and told him there was a first aid kit when he got to the car.

Dylan and Carson

Brittney's shadow and Michelle

Brittney, Michelle, Jake
Carson, Jake


This is where it all goes wrong...
The first steps a doozy...

He fell in like slow motion...I could see exactly where it went wrong

He then promptly fell into extremely muddy water

Good bye Jake!!


We made Carson go under this boulder just to see if he would fit.

Turns out he fit. 

So I was like umm Dylan we need to go down
into the canyon...

So all of the sudden he just puts his hands up

And just disappears.
There were lots of cool opportunities for pictures
but Dylan's not a good person to get to stop to take
pictures and we had a friend who was bleeding
somewhere in the dessert that we needed to find

So we went and had this adventure then we doubled back and checked to make sure he made it out of the gulch. When we got to the gulch we asked the people going into the gulch if they could see a guy in the upper part of the entrance.  They were like no, and we were like well he made it out of there lets look along the trail back to the car so we started to head up. The people were very concerned they were like you lost someone!! We can call search and rescue. We were like umm we didn’t lose anyone we’re good. Then a group of people came around the corner from the trail from the parking lot so we asked them if they saw Jake and they were like that guy’s with you yea we saw him at the cars. So we were like hey were good he’s alive! The lady looked really concerned and was like I think he’s badly injured and we were like nah he’s fine. So we went back up to the car and there he was drying his clothes on the car.

Dylan was very tired and the washboard road wouldn't 
allow him to lean on the window

When we got to civilization we got water and cleaned 
the wound out more and wrapped it better.
He was kinda bleeding all over the car

Turns out he is injured pretty bad. The cut goes all the way down to the bone and it looks like his leg could be broken but the insta care doctor down here is really bad so he has to wait until Monday to find out once a radiologist has looked at it.

Overall we had a lot of fun; we have some awesome stories, a car that will never be the same, and we decided that teaching snowboarding lessons tomorrow will be pure torture. 

We plan on doing it again this summer but like a few day trip and do more of the adventures to be had out there. Jake wants to do Hole in the Rock, we tried to tell him how bad of an idea that was but he just was dead set. I might just sit at the top and watch him.