Sunday, November 6, 2011

not much going on but somehow super busy all the time

Not much has been going on and life has been crazy! How is that even possible? It feels like I've just been taking tests non-stop and filling out applications. One day I was feeling super stressed and like I wasn’t ever going to catch up with all my work and I went over to #9 to chill for a little while before tackling the ever-growing list of tests to prepare for. While there I just had a blast and lost track of time and this one guy, Brian, who is always so happy even when everything is going wrong for him convinced me to go play Ultimate Frisbee at 11 o’clock at night. It was like 30* outside and he wanted to play OUTSIDE! Well I went, mostly because I have the light up Frisbee, and had a blast. I forgot all about the mountain of work I needed to do and had the best night’s sleep ever. I don’t know if Brian knows how awesome he is but I feel like everyone should get to know him and his brother who is on a mission.
This week I paid a lot of bills and was like ok I have enough food and stuff to last me until my pay check comes next week then Utah weather happened and I realized that I did not have enough gas in my car to drive to school (one of the perils of always riding my bike except to wal mart so I always forget to see how much gas is left) and then to work then back to school. So I rode my bike praying that it wouldn’t snow until I got home. Well this guy who is in my two math classes and he asked if I would like to do the homework after school. I went and did my homework with him in the tutoring lab and as we were walking out to leave I noticed that it had started to snow way hard so I just said “I’m gonna wait a while for the snow to ease up then ride home.” He asked me why I didn’t drive when everyone knew it was gonna snow and I told him I planned poorly so now I had to deal with it but I wasn’t worried, because after all this is Utah, you just need to wait a few minutes and the weather will change, it may not get better but it will change. Well the next day we also did our homework together and the same thing happened but he had planned for it this time and had borrowed a truck so that I wouldn’t spend my evening waiting for the storm to end. I am so thankful to live in a place where people will go out of their way to help someone out.

If you hadn’t heard yet I am going on a study abroad in Greece. There is a never ending amount of paperwork associated with this ‘adventure of a lifetime’. While I was thinking about going on this study abroad I asked a few professors and a few students what they thought about me going and I always got the same reply- “This will be the best and possibly the hardest thing you do” I am nervously excited to go. Some days, when things are going really bad and I call home like ten times I think how am I going to last a whole semester in a foreign country? I can’t just call home when I’m having a bad day, then I think well this will be the best experience for me to learn how to figure things out on my own.  

Today in church I also realized that I won't be completely on my own; the church will always be there to help, even if I can’t understand a single word being said you can always feel at home learning the teachings of Christ. We had a wonderful lesson out of the new relief society book and it made me think about how lucky I am to belong to this wonderful church where its members will go out of their way to help someone out.

Also pretty much the whole town has been dealing with mice. It seems like wal-mart cannot keep mouse traps in stock as fast as people need them.

Well that is pretty much what has been going on in good ol’ Cedar City

Oh ya thanks for all the awesome birthday presents!