Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Dylan got a bath time basketball game

I got an amp for my cello.
my dad says that defeats the purpose of the silent cello,
I say who wants a silent cello?

Grandma got a Nook

Jordan was very excited to have knifes and scissors.
He said it's hard to make stuff without them

My dad got 5 things of foamy soap and socks
he was one happy camper

oh ya he also got new church shoes but said there was nothing wrong with the old ones
duct tape fixes everything

we got auntie a TV so she can see the scores of the football games
without having to walk upstairs

naturally everyone but gma got to play with the nook

Mason really liked playing my ipod, taking it back was not an option

where'd the trampoline go?
this is snow from today

this is how much it snowed this morning

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

third times the charm!

Hey just wanted to let everyone know that I CAN pass English 2010, it may take 3 tries but I can do it and with a B+, which is way better than I thought I'd get. I thought that if I was lucky I'd get a C but I was planning on seeing a C- on my transcripts. Am I good or what?!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Just an update

No big adventures to tell about. Thanksgiving was good, small and fun. They closed campus the Tuesday before Thanksgiving and told everyone that was heading north to leave quickly, so I left work early to make it home before the “blizzard”, it turned out it was just like every other night in Mapleton, high winds and a small dusting of snow when we woke up, nothing amazing. The drive back to school was more adventurous. This was a storm they should have warned everyone about. I made it almost half way to school when I started to see a lot of traffic, it’s kinda weird to run into traffic in the middle of nowhere, and by time I made it to beaver you couldn’t see the road or the reflectors on the side. It was crazy! The next week of school was insane, it was hard to find parking spots, the roads were covered as fast as they were cleared, and I learned that my car is an awesome snow plow. Not to mention it was the last week of classes so teachers were piling on the work. Don’t leave projects you’ve known about all semester for the last week, there is way too much to do in one week to add anything else.

My dad texted me and asked what I was doing, my reply, writing a paper on a book I never read, his response, check your e-mail. This is what I found.

Part of a talk by President Monson.

Now, that would be kind of overwhelming, except that every semester for 21 years he had given the same examination in every class of Religion 101. The examination consisted of one question. And for all those years, the question had been the same. Can you believe it? What a snap class! The question had always been: Describe the travels and teachings of the Apostle Paul.

Some young people would come to class the first day and get their name on the record. That was about it until the final examination. Then they would come, having boned up on an answer to that question.

One particular semester, three young men who had followed that practice of registering and then absenting themselves until the end of the semester sat with their pencils poised as the professor went to the chalkboard and said, “I shall place on the board the question on which your entire grade will depend.” To their great astonishment he did not write the usual question. Instead, he wrote, “Criticize the Sermon on the Mount.”

One of the three young men said, “I don’t even know what book it is in.” He closed his test book and left the room.

The second young man thought for a moment. He didn’t know anything about the Sermon on the Mount because he had prepared for a different test question. He left the room, anticipating a failing grade.

The third one of this trio stayed in the class. He wrote line after line and page after page. His friends were outside in the hallway, looking through the door window, wondering what he was writing. They knew that he had no more knowledge of the Sermon on the Mount than did they, that he had prepared for the question that was not asked. They wondered what he was writing in that test book.

He didn’t tell them until the day the papers were examined and returned. They all huddled around to see what grade he had received. He had an A on the test and therefore an A in the course. As he opened the cover of the exam book, there was the question: “Criticize the Sermon on the Mount.” And here is what this enterprising young man had written: “I will leave it to someone far more knowledgeable and experienced than I am to criticize the greatest sermon from the greatest life ever lived. As for me, I would prefer to describe the travels and teachings of the Apostle Paul.” (p.s. I got an 80 out of 100 on that paper)

One more thing about finals, just as I was sitting down to take my last final I got a text from Nedra saying they were at the children's museum having fun. I texted her back and said that it was not fair to tease me like that during finals week. She went on to tell me how they turn the stairs into a slide, super jealous! I wish I was rich so I could fly everyone to Indiana to see the Smith family and to go to the world's coolest museum.

I am very grateful that I am a part of a church that is so close knit. There is a group of people from the ward and they get together all the time and play games and they are always making sure everyone has something fun to do and knows that they are welcome. I love it! I didn’t know how much I missed them yelling and running around outside until they weren’t there. This has been an eerie two days without anyone here. Yesterday I played ultimate Frisbee with this group. We were tied and it was game point and I jumped up to knock the Frisbee away from the other team and ended up being at the bottom of a dog pile. I felt really bad for Sean, he was going to land on me but he tried to stop himself from smashing me so he put his hands down to break his fall and Brian landed full force on his arm making it collapse and they both landed on me. I was a lot better of than Sean and wasn’t really hurt at all. Next week is going to be boring without them banging on the door to get us to go play ultimate with them.

Good news my English teacher told me I was going to pass, I hope he’s right, if not he’s going to get an earful.

Today has been an awesome day! I did absolutely nothing. No papers to worry about no tests to study for, and no homework at all. I slept in until like 10, which is quite a feat for me, I usually wake up when the sun comes up. I watched a ton of TV and also managed to clean our kitchen, which was quite the disaster after finals week. And watch more TV.

Well that’s what I’ve been up to.

thanksgiving pictures

making gingerbread cookies

a gingerbread man puzzle

caramel cheese cake

mason not smiling

Keaton wanted to stand up but he wanted to eat

playing wii

he wanted to see his picture before I could take it

still not smiling

He's trying so hard not to smile

every little boy likes motorcycles

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Crazy week

Oh so much to tell. This week was a crazy week, I had an English final paper to write, a math test, and lots of other homework to get done before the end of the week. It was made a lot better when I got a package from my dad and brother. But the UPS guy wouldn’t leave it on the porch for some reason (we think it’s because it said compliance medical on it). When I did finally get it it was hard to open to say the least; you know those kind of packages. I played in a racquetball tournament on Wednesday night. Thursday I got my stitches out and went to the midnight showing of Harry Potter. And on Friday I was planning on going to bed early because I stayed up late Tuesday night, Wednesday night, and Thursday night and woke up early the next morning’s but then some friends came over and asked if we had flashlights because they wanted to go camping then my roommate, Desa, and I ended up just going with them. It was a blast even with the weather advisory. The tent was very loud in the wind but gratefully it didn’t snow or rain on us. I love spontaneous college adventures!
No more stitches!

The tent we all stayed in
I forgot to take pictures of us putting the tent up it was quite the sight. We (me, Kollin, Desa and Sarah) used my headlights so we could see and it was super windy so we had a hard time keeping it down while we were trying to figure out where the poles went but we got it up in the end.

Desa, Kollin, and Sarah
we went before the other group and set up the tent and got a fire started

Desa gathering wood

They were dancing on the table

Tara, Brian, me, Desa

Kollin, Desa, me
yup it was really windy and yes our fire is oversized we made it smaller after that we didnt want to burn down the forest.


they packaged my soda so carefully
it arrived safe and sound.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

A great week that ended not so great

This week started off great, I was caught up on my homework and I did something fun every night. On Monday I just did homework. On Tuesday I did a ton of homework and went to a jazz concert, it was really good.

On Wednesday it was snowing when we got back from cello lessons and a whole bunch of people from my apartment complex were going to play ultimate frisbee. We were playing with a white frisbee and it was way fun because the people who usually dominate were having a hard time because the snow and wind would carry the frisbee and everyone was sliding around.

On Thursday I did a ton of homework and went to see opera scenes, they were way good and pretty funny.

And on Friday I was going to end the week by going to see Inception and just hanging out with friends, well that’s not exactly what happened. I was all excited because the news said it was going to be in the 40’s so I decided to ride my bike to school. (It’s way easier to ride your bike, you don’t have to fight for a parking spot or park really far away from your classes and its cheaper.) So I put on a hoodie, gloves and my helmet (people always asked me why I wore a helmet to school, it’s not that far away and it’s not like it’s dangerous.) and got on my bike to ride to school. Well the apartment managers still haven’t turned off the sprinklers, I’m not sure why sprinklers need to be on when there’s 3” of snow on the grass, but they were. Well I noticed that the sidewalk looked icy so I went to stop to walk my bike past the ice, well I was on black ice that I couldn’t see and when I pulled my brakes I didn’t stop but my body was expecting me to stop and the bike slid out from underneath me and I think I hit my chin on the edge of the sidewalk and luckily I had my helmet on because it hit the edge of the sidewalk and now there is a small crack in my helmet, so that’s why I wear a helmet, because my head is not stronger than the icy sidewalk. I did still go to see Inception but then I just went home and watched some TV all wrapped up in a blanket then went to bed. And the worst part is that the news lied like all week so I didn’t ride my bike when I could have and Uncle Brad is coming to get grandpa this weekend so they are going to pick it up so it doesn’t sit outside all Christmas break. 
I took this with my phone to send to my dad to ask him what to do about it.

I took these friday night after getting home from Inception

Well 3 stiches and a tetnis shot later and this is what ya have.

Sunday, November 7, 2010


Friday night Tyson and Michelle asked if I wanted to go play glow-stick hide and seek in some caves in St. George, at first I was skeptical, a cave doesn’t seem like the best place to run around. They told me it was perfectly safe and lots of people do it. I trusted them and went along and they were right. It was amazingly fun. We cut open glow-sticks and covered the walls with them and got it on us then we played hide and seek. It was so cool. Pictures wouldn’t turn out and we tried really hard to get them to, it’s one of those things you have to see in real life. You would close your eyes and count and when you opened them it was like no one else was in the cavern with you everyone blended in it was so cool. This has got to be one of the coolest adventures I’ve ever been on in college.  

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The most dangerous sport

is anything with a ball and a church group.
So the FHE group I'm in charge of is kinda lame. I'm pretty much the only one that goes willingly or at all. I think that there is only one member in one of the apartments they gave us and then my roommates usually make up lame excuses and the other apartment of girls only has 3 in it and one or two of them usually come, we usually end up with like five to six people. Well this week the guy that is supposed to help plan activities with me usually just text me Monday afternoon and asks if I planned anything. I usually have put some thought into it and can come up with something and send out a text to all of the people in our group. Well Monday I just wasn't in the mood so I told him it was his turn to think of something and I'll text everyone and tell them when and where it is. He came up with going with his brothers group and playing softball, I was the only one from my group that went and this is what I have to show for going to FHE.
This picture is from my phone the night it happend.

The next morning



This happened after we were finished playing, this guy wanted to just hit it one more time so me and this other girl that played softball on her high school team went out to left field to catch his ball. He hit it right to me and I put my mitt up but it just hit the side of it and then hit me. It was coming pretty fast I fell over and the other girl that was out there with me came over and was like "Wow that hit you hard" then everyone else came over and were like ohhhh, it didn’t sound good to me, I was very concerned. I could feel it swelling up while we were picking teams for ultimate frisbee and then they were like you should probably just go home and get some ice on that so someone gave me a ride home and when I finally saw it I was amazed at how fast you can turn that weird blue, brown, purple color. The next morning I was amazed at how bad it hurt.

Just to let you know sneezing hurts a lot. I know that’s weird but I keep sneezing today and it hurts.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Birthday List

ankle socks from costco
febreeze air effects(my bathroom smells weird and it doesnt go away)
wal mart gift card
itunes gift card
racquetball starter kit (you can get them from walmart or sports authority) it has a ball and goggles and everything included.
Beauty and the Beast on DVD or other disney movies. (lion king)
an amp for my cello
korg chromatic tuner
korg metranome

Crazy Fun!

Sorry its so long but I did a ton and it was fun!
WOW! Where to start. The first weekend in October I went with Jeni and Brysen to the bug-o-rama in Las Vegas. That was a blast. We went to M&M world and the pawn shop that’s on the history channel and of course to the bug-o-rama. I took my camera out of my backpack the day before we left to take some pics and it didn’t make it back in so I don’t have any pics but it was still way fun. Keaton is all smiles, Mason has a ton of wiggles and always has to have a car in his hand, he really liked the loud noises the cars would make right at the beginning of each race, Kenny told me all about the different cars and he showed me which ones he liked and Myia loves to play card games, and is very good at them. I miss seeing everyone every Sunday but Cedar is getting more and more exciting as the weeks go by.

This weekend I had a ton of homework to do and I barely got half of it done but had a blast not doing it. These guys that live in my apartment complex are always getting us to go and do stuff with them even if we don’t have the time to do them, they will make great missionaries. Well on Friday I had a list of things I was going to get done this weekend so I wouldn’t have to bring any homework home with me when I go home for my birthday this weekend and I was determined to get it all done so right after my last class I started right in on my homework but left something at my apartment so I went to get it and when I got there Robert, Koby, Alex and Brian were talking people into going to play softball. I tried to sneak past but I just couldn’t and homework is not an excuse with them so they drug me to go and play ball. We didn’t have enough mits so I used a left handed mit and I felt like a complete nerd trying to throw with my left hand but after the game everyone asked me if I played softball in high school and they said I was super good and I thought I sucked it up. There was a date night at institute on Friday but I had not heard about it and Robert and Brian asked me if I was going and I said no I don’t even know what it is and as soon as I said that they yelled at Koby and asked him if he was going and when he said no I had realized what was going to happen. I went to date night at institute with Koby. It was actually a ton of fun. It started at the institute with making your own PB&J sandwich and picking out fruit and veggies and a juice box to put in your sack lunch then you got a kite and were supposed to go fly it. Of course the only night it’s not windy is the night that they decide to have you fly a kite so we went to the sandy beach and played in the water and skipped rocks and walked along the beach watching the sunset. (We went in a big group with lots of people from our apartment complex).

On Saturday I told them I had to get homework done no matter what, well of course that did not happen. I woke up early to get a head start and did get some of it done but then I went and helped clean the church and they convinced me to go with them to hike to the C. That hike is a killer! Its 4.2 miles and changes in elevation 2200 feet, its more exciting than the hike to the Y, there are more trees and a narrower trail but at the top it is freezing cold the wind is ferocious. They told me it would take like maybe two hours well four hours and super soreness later we are home. I did a little bit more homework and then went to the adult session of steak conference and when that ended I started to read my English book but fell asleep at like 10. My roommate thought that since it was the weekend the 11 o’clock quiet time wasn’t in effect that the managers had set so she came in with like 6 friends rapping and playing the guitar and singing at 2 am! I was so mad! I figured they would just get something then leave like they always do but after 20 minutes of this I went and asked them if they could use their it’s 2 in the morning not 2 in the afternoon voices and they were all like it’s the weekend party it up! Church was at 9 am and I was super tired, they would know that if they ever would go to church instead of just rebel all the time.

Well overall this weekend was a blast I did a ton of things I wouldn’t normally do and didn’t do a lot of stuff I should have done but I’m glad I went with them.

Well it wont let me add pictures so go check them out on facebook

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Electric Cello

I got an electric cello so I can practice in my apartment in the morning without waking up my roommates. I haven't had time to really play it because I have to be at the middle school before 8 every morning but last night I was playing it and my roommate wanted to see what it sounded like with the headphones and she was awed. She said it was like listening to a cd. You can barely hear it if I shut my door and my roommates said they can’t hear it if my door and their door is shut so I'm excited to be able to use it for practice in the mornings.

Friday, September 17, 2010


Between school and work it has been a crazy few weeks. I love my job and have decided that I may have chosen the best career path there is. I got a job as an America Reads Tutor. I started working on the 7th and the first week I spent cutting things out for kindergarten classes while all the teachers got all the supplies together and their schedules worked out. Now that everyone has gotten their schedules down I get to teach them how to read. This is the funest and funniest thing there is. In the kindergarten class I work in three times a week we have an alphabet chart, it has the uppercase letter and the lowercase letter next to each other and then a key word picture below it like this:


(this worked a lot better in word)

And so on. So the kids start out by singing the alphabet and pointing to each letter as they say it. This is especially fun with kids who have just sung the song and don’t know the letters, because they are saying f but are still on the lowercase c, and then the whole lmnop ‘word’ is fun. Some of the students don’t seem to think it’s as funny as I do, but some of them laugh right along with me when I ask them what the picture is that their finger is on and if cat starts with an f sound. Once they can sing and point to the right letter, they say the letter name twice pointing to it each time, then they point to the picture and say what it is; the bilingual students have the hardest time with this. My favorite letters are Jj and Ll because the picture for Jj is a jack-o-lantern and Ll is one letter in Spanish. The picture for Oo is an ox, I find this one weird because none of the kindergarteners know what an ox is. Once they can do that to each letter they add the sound it makes and do the whole thing; A, a aaa, aaa, apple. Only a few students can do this but if they pass that off then they read sight words. I have now become a pro at what every letter looks like and says.

I also work with the ESL teacher. I have a list of kids to pull out of class and they love it when they see me because that means they get to go and play on the computer for 30 minutes. This is the best time of the day because all the students are happy to see me and they are quiet for 30 minutes so I can read my English book, or do other homework.

I work in a third grade class helping kids to read faster and comprehend what they read. They have a one finger space rule when writing answers which I love! They have to write their word then put a finger down and then start the next word after their finger. No trying to read one word sentences in this class, it is amazing!

In the afternoons I work with an extended day kindergarten class. All I can do is laugh. By this point the teacher has lost a lot of patience (I get there at 2) because this class is a class for the students who just aren’t learning what they need to in the regular half-day of kindergarten. The other day a student yelled at me in Spanish and then looked at me like I needed to resolve a conflict and another little boy cut his hair, again. When I leave I’m just grateful I don’t have to be there more than a half hour twice a week.

I also tutor an ESL girl, she is really smart and I’m not exactly sure why I tutor her. They said that she doesn’t comprehend what she reads but from what I’ve seen she does know what she’s reading and can answer the comprehension questions just fine.

School is ok. I’m still a little skeptical about the orchestra, it doesn’t seem like its coming together yet but it just might by our first concert. Sadly I think the easiest class is my math 1060 class, maybe just because I know exactly what is expected of me. In my education 3000 class I’m still a little confused on how and what we get graded. I’m scared for the educational psychology class because he gave us like a 12 page syllabus with like a billion assignments in it and he didn’t really go over how to do them just that they had to be done so we could pass his class. I’m also scared for the tests in this class because all he does is read from the book, that’s a lot to remember for a test. English is English, I decided that it doesn’t matter what you have to write about or the teacher, just the fact that you have to come up with 5 pages of filler to say your thoughts in the concluding paragraph is a royal waste of time.

I pretty much feel like I go to school all the time because work is at school and I’m constantly learning. I miss blue-jeans. It is against the Iron County School District dress code to wear blue-jeans, but you can wear corduroy pants and capri’s. I can get away with wearing jeans one day a week because I’m only there for like an hour in the morning and I sit behind a desk so no one can see what I’m wearing. People notice when you stop wearing jeans and they ask all sorts of questions, especially if you forget to take off your nametag as you’re running in to class. I have also learned that an appropriate wardrobe for college is not the same as an appropriate wardrobe for being in a school, you can no longer wear v neck shirts, t-shirts, or your favorite old tennis shoes. On the plus side this has taught me to be very creative with my clothes so as to fit into the dress code, I have almost found a way to wear every shirt that I have, with the exception of t-shirts, you just can’t make those professional.

Zions National Park

I went on a day trip with the school to Zion. It was a blast. We did the Angels Landing hike and the Emerald Pools hike.
The beginning of the hike.

To get up to the crazy part you did a whole bunch of little really steep zig-zag trails

Two of the other students I went with

The goal was to go to the top of the narrow steep rock,
 most of us made it but some turned around.

The Angels Landing rock.

The trail was really fun.
Or at least I thought so, some of the other people were scared by it

This could be why. The above picture is the top of this.
To the left is a drop off and pink ribbons saying you will fall

This is at the beginning of the trail but on our way up there were a ton of people in it.
The little boys in the back were in there for like 5 min before we decided that they could just stay in our picture.

So they told us to hike to these awesome waterfalls.
There is a bigger waterfall that comes out of our gutter.

I guess it used to be this huge waterfall but it didn't look like a waterfall when we got there.

They had a little thing that told about it and this is what it used to look like. which would have been awesome because you can walk behind it.

School and work have been crazy but fun.