Saturday, June 30, 2012


I just went to the grocery store with my dad and he was lollygaging looking at the magazines and I walked past him thinking that we needed to bag the groceries. Then I realized I'm in America and they bag groceries for you.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Social Life

My social life has changed dramatically since Greece. It's gone from all adults to pretty much all children.
This is Maddie's newest pet. I think it's up to like 15 animals here at the Hatfield zoo (not counting the kids).

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

One week update

I’ve been home, well in America, for a little over a week. In the week I’ve been home I’ve realized that the small things are what mattered most. Just sitting on the couch or out on the deck with friends and family is the best thing ever. I love seeing the sun actually set from my house, no more of the sun just disappearing behind the other tall apartment buildings and such but actually being able to see the sun set every night behind the mountain is awesome. I love that I can just go outback and jump on the tramp or play fetch with the dogs or tease the neighbor kids. I missed driving through town and everyone waving at you, even though I thought it was annoying when I left. I missed the option of watching TV, even though I don’t watch it very much having the option makes a difference. I really missed personal space. This is a big one for me I have a huge bubble and the people of Greece, well Europe in general, don’t have a bubble.
The first Monday I was home my dad asked me if I wanted to go to the grocery store with him, this was at like 9 o’clock at night and the first thing that went through my head was umm isn’t the store closed? I realized that in America stores don’t close at 9 that would just be crazy!

On Thursday night my mom, my moms friend Jill, and I headed out to California. We stopped in Vegas so they could try out for The Amazing Race then went on to my Aunts then to my grandmas. I would like to know how on earth I didn’t get sun burnt the four months I was in Greece without any sunscreen but I go to the beach one day in California, with sunscreen on, and get the worst sunburn ever! Seriously someone please explain this to me I’m really confused. We had a blast at the beach boogie boarding and playing in the sand with my little cousins (who didn’t get sun burnt even though I put the same kind of sunscreen on them as I did on me).   

I'm making a movie of all the video clips and pictures everyone took.
JoJo took most of them he loved taking pictures underwater

I have realized that since there’s not really the same temptations as there were in Greece that I’ve stopped watching as many Mormon messages and other YouTube videos produced by the church, and I’ve kinda been lacking in my scripture reading. I also decided that that’s not all bad, since I would mostly watch them to not hear what my roommates were listening to or talking about that I didn’t like.

Monday, June 18, 2012

First day home

I slept for 15 hours last night. I was so happy to sleep in my comfy, no springs, non squeaky bed. It was so quiet last night I never heard a bus go by or dogs fighting or drunk roommates coming in at 5 in the morning practically yelling, nope just a super quiet comfy night of sleep. I think I may have been happiest to walk on carpet. There’s just something about waking up and feelings soft comfy carpet under your feet instead of marble. I woke up hungry at like 7 so I got a bowl of frosted mini wheats went back to my room watched Boy Meets World and fell back asleep. When I woke up it was 1 pm! It was awesome. I had chocolate chip pancakes with peanut butter on them for lunch; I didn’t realize how much I missed pancake mix. I sat on the couch and watched TV for a good portion of the day then Chalyce came over and we looked at pictures of my trip and ate some of the candy and chips I brought back. For dinner I had potatoes O’Brian with real yellow cheddar cheese and real American ketchup. It was delicious! Matt is much smarter than I would have thought he knew how to say hi and kinda how to say thank you in Greek. I was impressed.
Sometimes Google still comes up in Greek, this has got to be the most annoying thing ever.

Also my room looks like a tornado went through it as my dad would say. I guess you’re not supposed to dump your suitcase out and rummage through it for souvenirs and then just leave it. It also probably doesn’t help that my room got rearranged when everyone was here for the wedding so I kinda was confused when stuff wasn’t where it usually was and started just pulling stuff out until I found what I wanted. If I could find my camera I would take a picture but its somewhere under all the clothes but I think you can all imagine what a room with four months worth of clothes and souvenirs spread all over it would look like. I’m gonna go back to watching absolutely nothing on TV while sitting on the super comfy couch. Boy have I missed this.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

The trip home

Ta da! I am now in America! As you can see by the very patriotic background.
This is the story of my journey home (warning: it’s long and may be slightly boring but I want it in my blog book so you can read it if you want but know that questions asked may be diverted to the reading of this post.)


Today I woke up early, more like I never went to sleep because I was too excited, and met the sisters one last time at the metro to give them the last of our stuff. As I was walking into my apartment building Hanna, Rebecca, and Kosta were walking out. They were helping Hanna get her luggage to the bus so she could start her journey to Germany for a few days then home. We all walked to the bus together and waited until the bus got there and she got on. Then we walked back I finished packing and waited with Andrea for the taxi to take us to the airport. I was sad to say goodbye to the rest of the group that was still there but excited to start my journey back to America. I am glad that Rebecca and I live close so we can see each other next semester and you better believe we have already planed an epic weekend trip of national parks. Well I need to go board my plane next update from London. Oh also they only checked me in for the flight to London so when I get to London I’m gonna have to figure out how to get on my next flight. At least they’ll speak English. I totally forgot to mention going through passport control; I walked up handed the guy my passport and he scanned it then looked at my visa then scanned it then type on his computer then looked at the stamps then scanned it then handed it back and never said a word! I was like what is going on just please let me leave!

Somewhere over Europe:

I changed my seat when I checked in to a window seat where the whole row was empty and was like ya wishful thinking Brittney but then I got on the flight and I really was the only one in my row! The people sitting behind me have the most annoying little boy, he screams for no reason at all then just stops like ok I’m done. His voice is really annoying too it sounds like he has water in his lungs, is raspy and it’s kinda whiney too. I decided that sleeping through this flight would be the best choice especially since I got a whole row to myself. Oh and did I mention I carried on my pillow and blankie so that I could sleep on the long flight easier. I only slept for like 2 hours of the 4 hour plane ride to London. I think that they served some kind of food on the flight at the beginning but I was so extremely tired and could not keep my eyes open so I just slept. Hopefully the next flight will serve food really fast cause I’m gonna be hungry by then.

Leaving London:

The flight into London was alright until we tried to land. We circled the airport for like 20 minutes and then when we landed the plane was moving all around and getting caught up in the wind, it didn’t look like we were going to land it felt more like we were going to crash into the airport. We landed alright and I hurried to figure out where I needed to be since I didn’t have a ticket for this flight. The London airport has got it figured out, or maybe it just seemed that way since I’ve been trying to read stuff and figure out where to go in Greek. There was a huge sign that said connections and I just kept following the arrows then when you get to the place all the arrows are pointing to there was this really nice lady who looked up my flight for me and walked with me to get me to the right terminal and told me how to get my boarding pass and to tell the person at the next line that my flight leaves in an hour so I could get through faster. Well they said that there were 3 flights leaving in the next hour to America and that I would just have to wait in line and as they got closer to boarding time certain flights got priority. I finally made it to the front of the line and gave my passport, luggage tickets, and flight info to the guy and he started asking questions about why I was in Greece how long I was there, if I packed my own bags, how many bags I checked then he put a green sticker on my passport with the date on it and told me to wait in another line to get my boarding pass. I was kinda freaking out cause I had 45 min until my plane was supposed to take off and I had to wait in another line and when I reached the front of this line the lady was like oh you need to hurry to your gate its way down there. Great I needed to use the bathroom so bad and was just told to hurry to my gate. I couldn’t find a bathroom along the way and the gates here are not like gates in Utah. You have to go through passport control yet again to get to the gate then they announce that the flight is delayed because of weather and cleaning the plane is taking longer than they thought and there’s NO bathroom, no seats, and the vending machines only take pounds in the little tiny space they have you in. Then they finally let you board the plane and once your seated and all ready to go they’re like well because of weather we’re getting delayed. Um didn’t we already get delayed? So now we sit in the airplane halfway taxied out and wait for the weather to clear. Then we go wait in line at the runway. Then we finally get to take off. This is a completely full flight, I’m pretty sad about that but the guy I’m sitting next to is pretty cool. He’s in the army and he’s based in Germany and he’s on leave so he’s going to visit some friends in Chicago. Lucky him his ride is almost over.


So we got in an hour late then as we were getting off the plane they said that since there was lightning that they couldn’t unload our bags so we would have to wait until it stopped to get our luggage. And yes even though I just have a transfer here I still had to get my luggage and take it to the right counter and recheck it in and luckily I didn’t have to pay for it again. At least on the flight here I sat by a normal easy to talk to person and not that awkward guy who takes up too much space and smells funny. So we stood in line at customs together and talked which was good because they announced that people on like three different flights had priority to get through first to make their connections. I didn’t have to go through customs when I went to Greece, I went through Spain and they don’t do customs I guess so customs was a new experience to me. I walked up to the guy and handed him my paper and my passport and he read the paper and looked up at me and said “Where are you coming from?”


“300 dollars worth of goods to claim?” he said it like how on earth does one person have that much to claim from Greece


“Why were you there” Scans passport and writes on my customs paper

“Semester Abroad”

“Well welcome back” Hands me back my passport and a paper then I go and wait for my luggage. I swear I got through faster than some other people and I haven’t been in America for 4 months. You would think they would ask more questions to people who had been gone that long rather than to the people just on vacation. They had free luggage carts, which was awesome, since both of my bags weighed 50 lbs or more and I had my backpack and pillow and blanket. I went through the last customs checkpoint handed them my papers and they let me back into America! YES! I was so happy to understand what was going on around me. I did discover that I got distracted easy because I hadn’t eavesdropped in like 4 months. The few times we happened upon people speaking English we always listened in but there were never so many conversations going on at once. I found out where to recheck in my bags and went to figure out how to get my last boarding pass. I then, once again, went through security. Let’s take a quick minute and count how many times I showed my passport to passport control and how many times I went through security: 1. Passport out to check in in Athens 2. Passport out again to pay for extra checked bag  3. Passport control area of the Athens airport 4. Security at Athens airport 5. To board plane to London 6. To get out of the terminal to catch transfer 7. To get next boarding pass 8. To get pass security 9. To enter the little holding gate area before boarding the plane in London 9. To get through customs 10. To exit international terminal 11. To get final boarding pass 12.To get back into domestic terminal 13. Security checkpoint again. Totals: Passport out-13 times  took off my watch and belt and took out my computer and tablet for security checkpoints- 3 times  number of times I stared in amazement at people who clearly don’t know how security works- countless

I also noticed that when in a crowed I would say συγνώμη (signome) to get past someone, even when I was in London and I knew that the language was English that’s just what came to mind first when I wanted to walk past someone. I still think that I need to brace myself to try to understand someone’s crazy accent or lack of English when I want to ask a question and find myself trying to think of exactly how to phrase it so that it will be easy to understand and answer. I have to remind myself that I do not need to do this because I am in America and they speak English and will understand all the words I’m saying.   

Flying to Utah:

I found a nice little corner where no one would bother me and slept in the airport. I’ve never slept in an airport before, or in a public place really it was kinda weird. The terminal started to get busy again around 4 in the morning so I decided to go wander around the airport. I saw a replica of the Abraham Lincoln statue, an airplane, a dinosaur and I people watched. This was the most fun because I could actually understand what they were saying. I figured I would fit right back in with the social norms but discovered that you can’t get rid of new norms in 10 hours. I found that I was frustrated when people stood on the left side of escalators because in Greece you stand on the right and people who want to walk walk up them on the left, this is an ingenious idea and I think we should adopt it in America. Also I figured that my bubble would gratefully go back to being its huge self since people in America seem to have much larger bubbles but when standing in line for something I realized I was standing really close to the person in front of me and had to tell myself that people here actually stand in lines and wait their turn. In Greece if you don’t push your way to the front you may never get a chance, they don’t take turns they just jump in if there’s a seconds hesitation. I must also say that I was really sad when I walked past a Starbucks and they didn’t have chocolate croissants I am going to miss those a lot. I also found myself wondering about something and making a mental note to Google it when I got wifi then I would realize wait I have the internet in my pocket! I don’t need to wait to figure this out I can know right now. I think it’s going to take me a while to remember that one. I still have to mentally think about saying excuse me in English. Also yes comes out as nnnya or nnnyes because for the last four month yes started with a N and I got really used to saying yes as nai after the initial shock of yes sounding like a negative. I think that everyone thinks that I change my mind a lot but I don’t I really was going to say yes it’s just that no one would understand that form of yes. I don’t quite feel like I’m going home yet I still kinda feel like at the end of this trip there is going to be a lot of walking then I’ll have to go back to school but there won't be walking and I won't be going back to school. I am so awake and so tired at the same time I didn’t know you could feel those two at the same time but then again I never thought I’d spend a semester abroad.   


The flight from Chicago to Utah was the smoothest flight of this trip. No turbulence and no circling the airport. The flight was way early like 30 minutes early so I beat my parents to the curb since they figured my plane would land in 30 minutes then I would have to wait for my luggage so they were just going to meet me at the luggage area but I got my luggage and was at the curb before they got to the airport. I was so happy when I saw the Rockies out the window I think the person next to me thought I was crazy, I couldn’t sit still my excitement was just pouring out of me. Then on the car ride home I could read all the billboards and road signs and I knew where I was and people were driving in the lanes and no horns were honking, it was awesome.

I figured out how long it took me to get from the door of my apartment building to the door of my house and I think it was just under 48 hours door to door. This has been the longest, most interesting two day journey I’ve ever done. I can’t wait for everyone to get here tonight and try all the candies and look at all the souvenirs I got.

Saturday, June 16, 2012


I have landed in America made it through customs and am now waiting for my next flight in a little over 8 more hours. I think I'll have walked through all of terminal 3 by time I leave this airport. I'm not very good at sitting still but for now I will sleep. (This kinda makes me feel like homeless since all of my stuff is packed up and I'm kinda in limbo of dwelling spaces now) I wrote a blog about my trip and will post it after my last leg is complete and I am comfortably sitting on the couch in the living room.

Things I miss about America

I made this list throughout the semester and now that I'll be landing in America tonight or tomorrow morning or whenever I thought I'd post it.

1.      Family!

2.      Living in a home with the spirit! Being at the Patchells has been awesome!

3.      Sitting on the couch with everyone yelling and teasing each other

4.      Peanut butter

5.      Soup in a can, anything in a can for that matter

6.      Wal-Mart - 24 hour ones to be exact

7.      Hulu

8.      English

9.      Crosswalks

10.  Using credit cards

11.  Zip loc bags

12.  Sunday firesides

13.  Lemon pepper

14.  Garlic salt

15.  So this is something I miss about Utah: being able to leave chips out for more than a day without them getting soggy.

16.  Living with people who know more than 3 words

17.  Hallmark movie Saturday

18.  Lazy days laying on the couch flipping through the channels

19.  Carpet!!!!!!

20.  Sour cream

21.  Orchestra

22.  Jumping on the tram

23.  Quiet nights

24.  Eavesdropping

There are more and when I realize them I will post them to compare so come back in a month and see what else I didn't know I missed

Friday, June 15, 2012

Best last day ever!

Today was my last day in Greece. I have mixed feelings about this, I am super excited to go home and see my family but I am super sad that I will be missing the YSA conference and am sad to say goodbye to the friends I made here. I was super happy to spend my last day in Greece at church in good company!
I had the opportunity to talk with Sister Mower for a while and help her make some treats for the YSA activity tomorrow(or is it today, well I guess my blog is still on Utah time so it’ll be Friday when I post it so tomorrow) and she told me how great it was that I was there and the difference I made by coming and the whole time she was telling me this on the inside I was like I made a difference no you guys made a huge difference in my life I didn’t do anything other than show up on Monday nights and Saturday nights and suck up as much church talk and happiness as I could. They made a difference in my life, I can’t believe that they have enough faith to stand up for what is right in a culture that doesn’t believe in any of it and that has very different values and many of them have to ride public transportation for an hour or more to get there and yet they went with huge smiles. I can’t believe that we complain or don’t go to FHE or other YSA activities because we have to drive to Provo or we want to watch this TV show instead of walking next door and going to the activity. I hope that I don’t lose this new insight I got while here. I want to stop taking the small things for granted and be more proactive in the Lords work. I will always cherish the lessons I learned while here, both the verbal and the observed. I will never forget the happiness shared at the activities.   
 While at the church I sat in on the committee meeting and then I asked Daniela if she would like to go to an orchestra concert that starts at nine at the theatre by the acropolis (This has been my dream since I saw this theatre, I decided that I was going to somehow see some sort of show/concert in there before I left and I did it on my last night). She was like ya I’ve never been there. I was really excited because I was going to go whether or not someone went with me but this was like the icing on the cake! I was so happy to have someone come with me. I was super sad to say goodbye to everyone at church.
After the concert we had to part ways and get on metros going different directions so we stood across from each other and danced while waiting for the metro. It. Was. Awesome! We did the Macarena, and other crazy dances and everyone was looking at us weird but who cares it was my last time riding the metro in Greece and I was going to make it memorable.

Daniela and me waiting for the concert to start

The three of us at intermission

Thursday, June 14, 2012

One final to go

So I have one more final to go, packing to do and then I'm off to America!!!! My friend Rebecca (who lives in Arizona and we plan on going to the Grand Canyon, Arches and Zion national parks next semester together with a student from Deree who is going to study abroad at Rebeccas school) has been taking video of our daily life in Greece and has made a movie of our months here and one final video of the semester. Some of the things in the video are unique to what she did traveling but most of the stuff in them I did too. So here are the videos (If blogger will let me upload them if not they'll just be links to the videos)
summary of the whole semester

The first month

This one is the second month

Oh look at that blogger cooperated today!

And while I was waiting for those to upload I decided to do my laundry so I can pack and this happened:
Ya I spilt laundry detergent all over my floor then had to go knock
on every ones door to find the broom so I could clean it up.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Last FHE in Greece

So I went to my last FHE in Greece Monday night and I’ve been putting off blogging about it. I guess I decided that if I didn’t blog about it it didn’t happen but it did and it was fun and sad. You never know what’s going to happen for FHE(Family Home Evening), the missionaries are in charge of it and it’s always interesting to see what they come up with, especially for the game. This semester I have learned a lot of new games,new words from English missionaries, new words (or just a different way of saying the same words) from the members from Africa, some Greek and how much faith it takes to believe in something that is not a part of the culture.
The members here amaze me. They are so strong and they never complain about how long it takes them to get to church. This is something I have learned I do. In Utah to get to the singles ward you pass approximately 15 other church buildings and go through two towns before getting to the singles ward and I frequently complained that I had to drive, ya I complained that I had control over when and how I got somewhere, and that it took too long. Well now that I have had to plan around public transportation to get to church I feel like my complaints were really selfish. It takes about 45 min to get to the Acropolis branch from my apartment and that’s only if I only have to wait 5 min for the bus to get there. Sometimes it can take an hour easy to get there if the bus is slow or the metros aren’t running as often. I have a new appreciation for my life in America, it is very cushioned and easy and stable. (OK that last one mostly refers to how the grocery stores have different items in them so if you see something you want you have to buy it right then cause it might not be there next time.)  

I hope I don’t get complacent in my life when I get back and that I remember the small things that make such a huge difference.

I am excited to say I will see at least two of the people in this picture again in this life. They will be returning home soon and live in Utah! 

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Last day of church in Greece

Today was my last day of church in Greece. It was just as dysfunctional as ever and perfectly Greek. I will greatly miss the members of the Halandri branch and hope that our paths will meet again in this life but if not most certainly in the next. I knew that every Sunday they would be there to lift me up and help me make it through the next week. They became my family since I didn’t have my family here. They always made me laugh and encouraged me to stay strong amid the hardships of being the only LDS young adult at my school and in the study abroad program. I wouldn’t have ever made it through the semester without them. When I was leaving church they gave me a card and I scanned it and stuck it in my bag and I just took it out and read what they all wrote and it hit me that I may never see these people again and how much they influenced my life and helped me to grow. I know that they worried about me and how I was doing and I felt their prayers. Elder Clark (IDK how he spells his name because I only ever see it in Greek which would be ΚΛΑΡΚ, they don’t have a C in the Greek alphabet) came up to me today and told me how great it was to get to know me and how much he’s seen me grow from the scared, unsure, lost person I was when I got there to someone who knows what they stand for and isn’t afraid to say so. I know I have grown a lot and realized that I leaned on the testimonies around me, whether my family or my friends at school to just do what’s right and now I know that I can stand alone and do what’s right even if everyone around me isn’t I can and will stay true to the faith. I will miss you all and hope that one day we may meet again and marvel at the time we spent together in Greece. I love you all, Ya sou.

Every time I read this card I think I'll cry a little
I will truly miss my Greek/South African/Philippinean/American/Canadian
branch family

Soccer and the Beach

Friday was the euro 2012 soccer kick off game so I went with the other study abroad students to watch the game. They wanted to go watch it in this Irish pub and I really didn’t want to sit at the apartment on my like last Friday night so I went with them. I was happily surprised when the bar actually enforced the no smoking inside rule and all the waiters spoke English and the menus were in English. Greece came up from behind and tied up the game it was really fun to go be a part of this culture. After the game Sam and I went to the outdoor theater and saw The Man Who Knew Too Much. It was really cool sitting outside by the acropolis and watching an old film with all the sounds of Athens in the background.
Saturday we went to the beach and had a blast! I learned that it takes an hour and 45 minutes to get from Glifada to our apartment and that it’s scary when the metro stops in the tunnel and even scarier when you realize you have no minutes left on your phone and the metro still hasn’t moved after 2 minutes. I got home late from the beach and had to take a super super fast shower and get right back on the bus and head to my last Saturday YSA activity. Sister Mower (I am totally guessing on how to spell this in English cause their tags are in Greek) had made sloppy joes, I was so happy! I ate like 5 of them (they were on like rolls not on hamburger buns, come to think of it I haven’t seen hamburger buns here) and a ton of chips. I learned yet another new game. It was an awesome night and will be sad to say goodbye to them on Monday after FHE. I hope I can come back to Greece in like 5 years and see the growth of the church, I hope that all of the current YSA members stay strong in the gospel despite the culture that makes it so easy to just forget the standards and go astray.  

Me and Hanna taking underwater pictures together

Me, Clair(Rebeccas friend from Arizona) and Hanna

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Monday I woke up super early and caught my flight to Santorini. I was really excited to go and see the island that everyone thinks of when talking about Greece. It’s the island with the white buildings and blue roofs. It’s also where they filmed parts of Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. I found a lot of the places in the movie and even jumped off of the same places she does in the movie. I went to the red beach, the black beach, the volcano, and other stuff. I had a ton of fun! I don’t have a ton of pictures because after jumping off of a cliff with my camera attached to my wrist it would only work some of the time. (It’s a waterproof camera but I guess it wasn’t salt proof)  Luckily when I got home I just recharged the battery, cleaned out the salt from the battery compartment and so far it works.  I don’t have any pictures from the second day I was there. Oia (pronounced eea) needs to be on everyone’s list of things to see in person.

These pictures are way out of order but I can't get blogger to fix it but here they are

The black beach.
This beach was really cool. I wish there was a beach as clean as this by my apartment, maybe we've just been looking in the wrong places but I would spend a ton of time there if it was closer.

The red beach, not as clean as the black beach but still really cool!

Oia. This place was awesome!

This was the last picture my camera would let me take
It's at the end of the first day

The red beach

And more pictures here

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sunday dinner

I never thought that I would post about Sunday dinner while in Greece but here it is.
Amazingly awesome Sunday! Yesterday I was feeling extremely homesick, I was feeling so homesick I Skyped my mom and just made her stay on Skype, even though she had a ton to do I just needed to see and hear the life of Utah. I woke up this morning still homesick and wanted nothing more than to be at Sunday dinner, hear a prayer over food out loud, talk with people who understand me and play outside with everyone. While walking up the last stretch of road to church I told myself that in 14 more days I would be home and everyone would be there for Sunday dinner. Just two more Sundays I can last two more Sundays.

I got to church and like everyone was gone this week. It was really weird and way smaller than its usual small self and there were even 4 visitors from Utah they said they were from the Salt Lake area. I walked in and Sister Hicks told me that like everyone would be gone this week and that they would be gone next week. I told her that then this would be the last time we saw each other because next week is my last week. Then the best thing on earth happened she asked if I would like to come over for dinner today. My insides were doing the happiest happy dance ever! I mean all the way to church I was just telling myself that I could last two more weeks without a family dinner and then all would be good but here was an invitation to not have to just hold on to the fact that there are only two more Sundays left before I get to run around with my crazy family again. Words cannot describe how happy I was to be afforded the chance to have a meal, not just food ate in my room with headphones on, but a real family meal where people talked about happy things, and not how angry they are about this on Facebook or that on Twitter. I mean if you didn’t want someone to Facebook it why did you do it in the first place? Today was an awesome day; a great meal, a walk/scooter ride in the park, board games and someone to talk to about church related stuff. I don’t think the members of the Halandri branch really know how much I look forward to Sundays, it’s one of the few days of the week that I get to be me. I don’t worry about being made fun of, being asked for the umpteenth time why I don’t do something, about having to define the words I use, I can just be me. The Saturday night YSA activities and church are pretty much the only reason I’ll miss Greece.

And now,even though I wrote this blog earlier on my tablet, I realize that you have the address to my blog and may read this one day so thank you Sister Hicks for the awesome day I really needed it.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Bungee jumping off Corinth Canal bridge

So today I woke up and got dressed for class then I heard Nick in the kitchen asking if my roommate wanted to go bungee jumping. I came out my room and was like wait did I hear bungee jumping? I’m so in! So I went from getting ready to take a pretest in business stats to jumping off a bridge in Corinth Greece.
Waiting to jump
Just about to jump

Waiting to be pulled up
Right after being pulled up!

After you jump they let you sign their building

This was the craziest thing I have done so far while on this study abroad. This adds a new meaning to would you jump off a bridge just because your friends did?

More pictures Here