Saturday, August 28, 2010

My Class Schedule

I meant to add this to the bottom of my previous post but there were like a million things going on last night.

8 am practice (you have to sign up for a specific room and time, which sucks)
9 am Institute
10 am EDUC 3000 Principles of Teaching and Learning
11 am SCED Secondary Educational Psychology
12 pm ENLG 2010 Writing About Pop Music
1 pm Orchestra
2 pm MATH 1060 Trigonometry

Tuesday9 am practice
1 pm orchestra
2 pm practice

8 am practice
9 am Institute
10 am EDUC 3000 Principles of Teaching and Learning
11 am SCED Secondary Educational Psychology
12 pm ENLG 2010 Writing About Pop Music
1 pm Orchestra
2 pm MATH 1060 Trigonometry
I have cello lessons. I have to drive to St. George for them! I guess we are going to carpool to them and we each have an hour long lesson. There are 3 of us. Thats 45 min to St. George 3 hours of lessons and 45 min back.

9 am practice
1 pm orchestra

8 am practice
10 am EDUC 3000 Principles of Teaching and Learning
11 am SCED Secondary Educational Psychology
12 pm ENLG 2010 Writing About Pop Music
1 pm Orchestra
2 pm MATH 1060 Trigonometry

I also received an e-mail Friday night that said I got a job so that will be in the mosh-posh of everything very soon hopefully.

Friday, August 27, 2010

You can change a bike tire with two pens and a lot of grrrrring

Last week on like Wednesday I went to ride my bike to campus to find out it had a flat. I went and bought a new tube and when I got back to my apartment realized that this was not a well thought out plan. I asked my friend, Kristina, how am I going to get the tire off? She goes I don't know how to change a bike tire. I was amazed at this and so I started to look around to find something that I could use and she was fidgeting with a pen. Light bulb! It took me like 20 minutes to change it but it was worth it.

I have decided that the news is a day behind the weather. Yesterday the news said: sunny high 80’s so I dressed accordingly and rode my bike to school, it rained, no it down poured for like 40 minutes. After that much rain that fast the roads were rivers, it is not fun to ride your bike home in rain down rivers. I waited it out at the library but didn’t have any homework with me because I just needed to go to campus for one class then I was going to go back and finish it all up. I didn’t get it all finished; instead I went to a comedy act. It was well worth it! The guy was hilarious. He was way clean and he incorporated the audience into his act, there was this one girl who had a really annoying laugh and whenever she would laugh really loud he would stop and stare and be like the squirrel is laughing again, she totally went with it it was awesome. His name was Jeff Dye, you can you can youtube him.

One week of classes down about 12 more to go. After one week of classes I have decided the following about SUU (which may change with time):

1. The orchestra is a joke! The first day we sight read pieces that a high school orchestra would play but by the fourth day they got a little harder. The orchestra is smaller than Snow College’s and in my opinion not up to par for a four year school. The whole department isn’t as awesome as Snow’s.

2. The Education College here is amazing, they have all sorts of resources for you to use free of charge. I will be in a classroom by the middle of September observing and helping out a teacher.

3. This is the year I am going to pass English 2010! The teacher is amazing and clear on what is due and what is expected of you. It might also help that the class is writing about pop music so I get to use my music knowledge in every class and in every paper. Most of the class looks at me like I’m a freak when I use music terms, but I still get to put my knowledge to use.

4. People don’t talk to each other. I don’t know why but they don’t. Today in class the professor said your row will be your group do case study one. I turned to my row and said should we scoot closer together so we can read it and answer the questions and they just kept on staring at their text book. I gave up and just did it on my own. Hopefully this changes or this is going to be one long year.

5. I MISS SNOW! I miss all the familiar faces, knowing where people will be hanging out and when they will be there, and which teachers are cool to talk to and which ones you should avoid.

I just keep telling myself that change is good and that I will get used to being at a new school.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Moving into my apartment

This is after I got all my stuff out of my car. I didn't think of it at the time
but I should have taken a picture of my car full of all of this stuff!

Tour of my apartment. There will be 3 other girls in it.
(there's no sound so no need to turn it on)

I got tire of watching the TV on the floor so I put a stool under it.
It's much better

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Peanut butter brownie trifle

My mom put all the Taste of Home magazines on the coffee table that she had and I was looking through them and found this dessert and it sounded delicious so I made it for Sunday dinner. It was soo rich. It had Reese's peanut butter cups, brownies with Reese's peanut butter chips in them, vanilla pudding, a cup of creamy peanut butter in the pudding, and cool whip mixed into the pudding. It weighed a ton when I was finished with all the layers but everyone liked it. There was a ton of it so I took some of the leftovers to our wards dessert night and everyone kept telling me how much they loved it and they told me that I should make more of it for FHE the next day.

Mine didn't look like the one in the picture but it was still tastey

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Mom's Tri-Fit-Challenge

Our stake has been promoting women’s health by having weekly challenges like; take a walk after dinner with the family, drink lots of water, go on bike rides, ect. They were marketing it to the relief society and had a race at the end of the summer of challenges. The race had a 1 mile walk, then a 5 mile bike ride, and a 3 mile run. Mom did it all in like 1hour 15 minutes!
The start of the walk.

The end of the walk

The end of the bike.
(my foot hurt so I didn't feel like walking or running to get good pictures so ya get what ya get)

The end of the run. I think every ones goal in this family is to beat a Haynie at running!

Kudos to Geri who did all three!

The gang at the finish line!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Making Salsa with Cherry Tomatoes

In our huge garden there were only small cherry tomatoes ripe and lots of peppers, so our salsa was mostly peppers. It was fun to watch my dad cut up the cherry tomatoes though.
Yes he us cutting up Cherry tomatoes
You have to concentrate very hard to cut such small tomatoes
(The yellow on his shirt is from work)

This is what cherry tomatoes cut up look like

We have more peppers than tomatoes so we only put one bellpepper in and one of the white ones and one jalapano

Our finished product! Its not much but it taste great!