Monday, March 28, 2011

Catching up

I have been crazy busy! I have just now caught up from my 2 weeks of being sick in February and the week of being in the play the Mikado and life is good. I am no longer trying to do 3 days worth of homework each night and everyone has told me that I stopped being a hermit and they missed me when I was. It’s good to know that people care about what you do.

The apartment complex that I live in is very active and everyone is always doing something, if you’re bored it’s your own fault. Sometime last week Robert (he’s that guy you can’t help but love) came over around 8ish at night and asked what we were doing later. Me and my roommate both looked at each other and said going to bed. He convinced us to go play night Frisbee, mostly because I’m the one with the light up Frisbee. That was way fun and it started the week of late nights.

Another night we went to Park Discovery and played this game called dot dot. It’s a crazy game where one person is it and they make up like four things you have to do like go down a certain slide, cross the wiggly bridge, spin around on the tire swing, anything they can think of that’s at the playground. Then they decide how long they are going to count so they say like 20 dot dot, then they count 1 dot dot 2 dot dot…… and when they get to 20 dot dot they open their eyes and if they see you then you’re out. The first person to do all of the tasks and tag the person that’s counting wins. This game was brutal. I got hurt a lot. There is a little hole for little kids to climb through and someone said that we had to go through it, so there were like 5 people all trying to go through this hole not even big enough for one person. It was a ton of fun though.

A few nights in a row my roommate had movie parties and they watched the x-men movies I guess. I heard that there were games in a different apartment and that sounded more fun than sitting quietly in a room full of people I didn’t even know so I left. I ended up watching Flubber with some friends. When we watch movies it’s not quiet like when movies are on here, at #16 its always rambunctious and fun. They are amazed at how if they throw something at me I catch it pretty much every time and I’m amazed at no matter how many times you throw something at Christina she always huddles into a ball and squeals.

I stayed up late the next night too just talking and hanging out then I went to bed when they started the movie. This was one crazy night. There is this guy in our apartment complex that just doesn’t have very high self-worth or self-esteem and he’s always trying to get my roommate to go out with him. She went out with him and they went to dinner and then to a movie. She’s really bad at saying no, she’s kinda a push over, so I guess they ended up going to a rated R movie. Well I didn’t really like him much from the beginning, he seemed a little shallow and he’s always talking about weird stuff that he’s done. Well anyway I guess he went out and got wasted and then came over to our apartment at like 2am. I was in my room starting to fall asleep when I heard him come in. Just from the sounds of what was going on I could tell he was drunk. My roommates finally got him to leave around 3 I guess. I’m glad that I know who I am and what I stand for and that I told him that I wouldn’t go out with him.

The play was the week before spring break. Not a fun week. One Saturday we had rehearsal from like 10 am to 5 pm. My brain was sore, my arms were sore, I was tired and I still had a ton of homework to do. The next week was the worst week ever. It’s like all the teachers got together and were like let’s have huge assignments worth half of their grade due this week and then test them about it right before spring break. Between rehearsals and homework my social life depleted. Even though this was the craziest time ever I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything. I learned a lot about how much work goes into musicals and what the musicians have to deal with. Like the actor skipping verses or slowing down and speeding up whenever they want, musicians that do this for a living are my hero. Here are some pictures of what we could see…….

The bass player took this picture, she felt lonely in the corner all by herself so she was walking around, well trying to anyway.

They gave my camera to some random person and asked them to take pictures

It was small, dark, and smelly down there and only the front row of people could see the actors some of the time but it was fun. Oh and they had on wood shoes because it was set in Japan I think so you could hear when they walked around and when they stomped in anger it was really really loud. By the end of the play I could sing most of the songs and knew most of the lines.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Snow storm

So Saturday night before stake conference it snowed a lot! I was not excited. I knew that in the morning I would have to wake up early and clean off my car and hope that it would make it to church (my car is more of a snow plow than a car to drive through snow. Should have thought about that when I bought it but it's still an awesome car.)because, quite frankly, my roommate is a really bad driver in the snow and she's lived in snow her whole life! I didn't even get to go snowboarding in it or play in it or anything. It snowed Saturday, was sunny Sunday, rained Monday, and by like Tuesday night all the snow was gone.
outside of our kitchen window
I didn't want to go outside it was cold and I didn't feel very good

the second car closest to the curb got snow piled onto it and he didn't think to wake up and clean off his car before putting on a suit so he was out there in a suit like 15 min before church trying to clean it off. Luckly another guy saw him and started to help.
Oh and this picture is in black and white, that car is really red.

Valentine's Day

I know it's like way past Valentine’s Day but I've been staying busy with school and just having fun so I never posted these pictures.
Like the week before Valentine’s Day they told us to come up with a fun activity for our FHE groups and that we needed to just meet as groups and do something so I asked my friend who is the leader of another group if she wanted to make cookies and decorate them and we could combine our groups. Well somehow it turned into everyone coming over to her apartment instead of just my group and her group. Not sure how that happened.
The master chef. (the one who ended up with our whole ward in her apartment)

People came and went and there are people sitting onthe floor behind the counter
My roommate Desa(on the left) and Sariah
and since I know someones going to ask the boy in the background is Daren