Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The most dangerous sport

is anything with a ball and a church group.
So the FHE group I'm in charge of is kinda lame. I'm pretty much the only one that goes willingly or at all. I think that there is only one member in one of the apartments they gave us and then my roommates usually make up lame excuses and the other apartment of girls only has 3 in it and one or two of them usually come, we usually end up with like five to six people. Well this week the guy that is supposed to help plan activities with me usually just text me Monday afternoon and asks if I planned anything. I usually have put some thought into it and can come up with something and send out a text to all of the people in our group. Well Monday I just wasn't in the mood so I told him it was his turn to think of something and I'll text everyone and tell them when and where it is. He came up with going with his brothers group and playing softball, I was the only one from my group that went and this is what I have to show for going to FHE.
This picture is from my phone the night it happend.

The next morning



This happened after we were finished playing, this guy wanted to just hit it one more time so me and this other girl that played softball on her high school team went out to left field to catch his ball. He hit it right to me and I put my mitt up but it just hit the side of it and then hit me. It was coming pretty fast I fell over and the other girl that was out there with me came over and was like "Wow that hit you hard" then everyone else came over and were like ohhhh, it didn’t sound good to me, I was very concerned. I could feel it swelling up while we were picking teams for ultimate frisbee and then they were like you should probably just go home and get some ice on that so someone gave me a ride home and when I finally saw it I was amazed at how fast you can turn that weird blue, brown, purple color. The next morning I was amazed at how bad it hurt.

Just to let you know sneezing hurts a lot. I know that’s weird but I keep sneezing today and it hurts.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Birthday List

ankle socks from costco
febreeze air effects(my bathroom smells weird and it doesnt go away)
wal mart gift card
itunes gift card
racquetball starter kit (you can get them from walmart or sports authority) it has a ball and goggles and everything included.
Beauty and the Beast on DVD or other disney movies. (lion king)
an amp for my cello
korg chromatic tuner
korg metranome

Crazy Fun!

Sorry its so long but I did a ton and it was fun!
WOW! Where to start. The first weekend in October I went with Jeni and Brysen to the bug-o-rama in Las Vegas. That was a blast. We went to M&M world and the pawn shop that’s on the history channel and of course to the bug-o-rama. I took my camera out of my backpack the day before we left to take some pics and it didn’t make it back in so I don’t have any pics but it was still way fun. Keaton is all smiles, Mason has a ton of wiggles and always has to have a car in his hand, he really liked the loud noises the cars would make right at the beginning of each race, Kenny told me all about the different cars and he showed me which ones he liked and Myia loves to play card games, and is very good at them. I miss seeing everyone every Sunday but Cedar is getting more and more exciting as the weeks go by.

This weekend I had a ton of homework to do and I barely got half of it done but had a blast not doing it. These guys that live in my apartment complex are always getting us to go and do stuff with them even if we don’t have the time to do them, they will make great missionaries. Well on Friday I had a list of things I was going to get done this weekend so I wouldn’t have to bring any homework home with me when I go home for my birthday this weekend and I was determined to get it all done so right after my last class I started right in on my homework but left something at my apartment so I went to get it and when I got there Robert, Koby, Alex and Brian were talking people into going to play softball. I tried to sneak past but I just couldn’t and homework is not an excuse with them so they drug me to go and play ball. We didn’t have enough mits so I used a left handed mit and I felt like a complete nerd trying to throw with my left hand but after the game everyone asked me if I played softball in high school and they said I was super good and I thought I sucked it up. There was a date night at institute on Friday but I had not heard about it and Robert and Brian asked me if I was going and I said no I don’t even know what it is and as soon as I said that they yelled at Koby and asked him if he was going and when he said no I had realized what was going to happen. I went to date night at institute with Koby. It was actually a ton of fun. It started at the institute with making your own PB&J sandwich and picking out fruit and veggies and a juice box to put in your sack lunch then you got a kite and were supposed to go fly it. Of course the only night it’s not windy is the night that they decide to have you fly a kite so we went to the sandy beach and played in the water and skipped rocks and walked along the beach watching the sunset. (We went in a big group with lots of people from our apartment complex).

On Saturday I told them I had to get homework done no matter what, well of course that did not happen. I woke up early to get a head start and did get some of it done but then I went and helped clean the church and they convinced me to go with them to hike to the C. That hike is a killer! Its 4.2 miles and changes in elevation 2200 feet, its more exciting than the hike to the Y, there are more trees and a narrower trail but at the top it is freezing cold the wind is ferocious. They told me it would take like maybe two hours well four hours and super soreness later we are home. I did a little bit more homework and then went to the adult session of steak conference and when that ended I started to read my English book but fell asleep at like 10. My roommate thought that since it was the weekend the 11 o’clock quiet time wasn’t in effect that the managers had set so she came in with like 6 friends rapping and playing the guitar and singing at 2 am! I was so mad! I figured they would just get something then leave like they always do but after 20 minutes of this I went and asked them if they could use their it’s 2 in the morning not 2 in the afternoon voices and they were all like it’s the weekend party it up! Church was at 9 am and I was super tired, they would know that if they ever would go to church instead of just rebel all the time.

Well overall this weekend was a blast I did a ton of things I wouldn’t normally do and didn’t do a lot of stuff I should have done but I’m glad I went with them.

Well it wont let me add pictures so go check them out on facebook