Saturday, October 8, 2011

My friends say I've officially achieved nerd status

So the other night my friends asked if I wanted to go play capture the flag and I had to say I couldn’t because I hadn’t written a paper that I had known was due the next day for 2 weeks. They asked me why I didn’t write it and my response was because my calculus homework was more fun and easier than writing the paper. Ya…that was not the answer they were expecting and they promptly told me how much of a nerd I’ve become. But I don’t think they understand how much fun the tutoring center is. Everyone there knows each other because the same people are there at the same times each day so you get to know the people and everyone helps everyone with their work and we just goof off sometimes. It really is more fun to do math homework than to write a paper, not to mention easier. With math there is only one answer you have to aim for and if you get that answer then you get all the points for the problem, but with writing papers you just have to hope the teacher will like what you think is the right answer. There’s not a definite answer with papers, I never know what the right answer is I absolutely hate writing papers!
I made up my schedule for next semester and I was looking at it thinking ya next semester is going to be good. My schedule consists of 3 math classes and orchestra. We were talking about next semester in the tutoring center and 3 of us are taking the same classes, can I just say that next semester is going to rock!

I also decided that I could not have lived in the snail-mail times. It drives me nuts to have to wait for letters from friends on missions instead of just being able to text them. Not to mention that the story isn’t as funny by the time they get the letter read it and write back.

Wanna hear what happens when you have a class with the elders quorum president and the second counselor in the bishopric? Well you make a suggestion that it’s too cold to do the activity outside and they agree and change the activity to be inside but both happen to be busy that night so they can’t tell everyone that it got changed so they conveniently volunteer you to tell everyone. I spent my Friday night going around to all the apartments and telling everyone that we changed it to be at the church. On the bright side I now know more people than I did on Thursday night.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

How college students spend Friday nights

There was an institute date night last Friday and for some reason like no one got asked to go, so we decided to have our own party. How did we party? We went to Wal-Mart and bought finger-paints and spent the night painting pictures and acting like little kids; making marks on others papers, flinging paint at each other and all. It was an awesome night. There’s no better way to get to know people than to come together and come up with an idea of what to paint.

I am grateful to live in a ward where everyone gets along so well, even when people fling paint at them. Not one person got angry or snapped at another and believe me there were plenty of times that someone could have and others would have agreed with them. Instead of getting angry we just laughed and kept on painting.
These are the handprints of every one that was there.
We all signed our names on our handprint

see the guy laying down in the very bottom right hand corner,
well it was a bad idea to fall asleep with so much paint,
he ended up with a green face

the guy holding the one of the sunset and the girl with her arm on him went on the date night. they just came at the end when we were taking the picture, they didnt paint any

This Friday night I was feeling kinda angry and like I didn’t want to be in Cedar, I was thinking man I should have caught a ride home with the people going to Salt Lake. This feeling came because on Thursday I went to help someone with a math question really quick then go back and finish my math homework. As I left my apartment I said hey don’t lock the door I’ll be right back. Well I ended up not coming right back because then someone else texted me and asked me to come over and help them with their homework, which was fine I love explaining their assignment in a way they understand and will be able to do on the test. But right back turned into 3 hours later and two other peoples math assignments, mine still undone. Then I got talked into playing a game with some friends, which was a great stress reliever and a boat load of fun.

Well after the game I went home, which was just next door, to find that the door had been locked! No biggie I’ll just text them and ask to be let in, well they didn’t answer my text or my call or the never ending knocking and doorbell ringing that my friends put into effect. So we decided to break in through the window, ya it’s that easy to get in if you forget to put the bar in the window. It was now 12 o’clock and I had to be awake at 6. I went and brushed my teeth and could hear footsteps upstairs! Then one of my roommates came down and got a drink of water and started watching TV! I was sooooooooooooo mad! I had just spent a good 20 minutes trying to get in and they were awake! When I woke up, 15 min before my class started because I accidently slept through my alarm, my anger intensified by seeing the huge mess that was still in the kitchen from Tuesday making it near impossible to make a quick sandwich for lunch before hurrying to school.

While at school I got a text asking if I would like to come their taco pollo fiesta in la bocca, (we had a crazy name the food night last year and that’s what we named this dish). I was so excited to hang out with my roommate from last year and was reminded that it’s not bad living here it’s awesome! I then went to that party, bringing my keys with me. When I came home at 1 the door was unlocked and both of my roommates were dead asleep! I just don’t get it, if I ask them to leave it unlocked they lock it if I don’t say anything they leave it unlocked.

Also at that party my roommate from last year told me that they had an extra room in their apartment so I should just move in with them. I was so happy to hear that, as my roommates disgust me, they frequently leave half eaten meals on the counter for days and just leave trash laying around everywhere. So for next semester I have put my contract up for sale in hopes that I can move in with my friends.

Has anyone seen the movie Hanna? If so what did you think? We watched it at the party and IDK how I feel about it.

Things found on

So my roommates recently decorated our apartment...........With pictures of half naked people.....ya....and other pictures that don't really make me feel at home, they kinda made our apartment feel very worldly and not really like a house the Lord would ever visit. (I did ask them to take one down and they did so now it’s not as bad but the other day Brian and I were hanging out and he was like so we should go over to #9 cause that picture is totally distracting me.) So I decided I need to get a big picture of a temple and hang it in the one place there isn't a picture. I found lots of cool stuff on here are some of the things I liked most.

These are really cool pictures there are a lot of different people you can choose from

Life is not about what you have, it is about who you are

otherwise they'll take you to the hospital and check for brain injuries

I think I'm gonna buy this picture

Loud, yes in deed