Sunday, June 8, 2014

One fun weekend

So this weekend was interesting. I bought a bountiful basket a few weeks ago and it had a spaghetti squash in it, so it’s just been sitting on our counter for like 2 weeks, so I of course googled recipes for spaghetti squash and came across a recipe for tacos. Yes tacos made from a vegetable. They were interesting…….I think that I might kinda like them. They were kinda like a rice taco but not quite, but then Sunday I modified the recipe to be more like our recipe for rice tacos and they were pretty good. They pretty much have the same texture as rice tacos and kina the same taste. I don’t think this is a recipe I will make again but it was a recipe that I ate all of and wasn’t completely grossed out while eating, so overall I’d give it 3 stars out of 5.
I learned that they look like a pumpkin on the inside

Then the guts look all stringy, like spaghetti
I put tomato and red bell pepper on it and ate it
Sunday I added tomato sauce to it like we do for our rice tacos and it was really good. 

Earlier in the week a friend had asked us if we wanted to go to Kanarraville Falls on Saturday at 3 so Megan and I went with them. When we got there there was a huge group that we were going with. It was so much fun!! I brought like 15 otter-pops, which is about how many we have in our freezer at a time and people were so confused. They were like you just packed a backpack full of otter-pops? It like baffled them for some reason, like who would bring popsicles on a hike? Umm anyone who wants a tasty cold treat that’s who. So there were a lot of fast people on the hike and for the first half we were with them but then we saw that Michelle was the only one waiting for the two slow people so we stayed back and hung with Michelle. I’ve never done that hike so slow in my whole life, which also let me soak in more of the scenery than ever before. I liked just hanging around and looking at the surroundings and finding fun and new ways to do the hike. We left Cedar at 3 and got back at like 8:30. I made Megan do things she wouldn’t normally do and made her film things that she was like I’m going to get in trouble for filming this if it goes awry. We had a blast hanging out with so many fun friends and meeting many more.

Michelle Kerksiek the friend who invited us on this fun time!

Me climbing on everything!

Me and Megan Greene, my roommate, colleague and friend


We will all be roommates next semester!
Michelle, Megan, and Me


I think there was a flood, when me and Dylan came in April
this was open and lots of trees had fallen down this time

The water slide

The second falls

Megan not taking the path I took and getting
very very wet

Megan deciding she needs a belt

Everyone was like what is in that pack, first you pull out 
otter-pops, then a banana, then an apple. I really
like my hikes to be comfortable ok

More pictures of the damage from the flood

Megan got her foot stuck inbetween these to rocks but the 
camera was off so I only got a picture after she finally
got her foot free

My roommate Megan was challenged by her family to find the shadiest restaurant in town and eat at it. They do challenges every once in a while and so we went on a quest to find the shadiest restaurant in town so there is this restaurant called Lefty’s Hideout and it has one of those signs with the arrow on top flashing toward the restaurant with like broken letters and another sign on the other side of the driveway saying we heart dogs.  It’s like behind a mortuary and you can’t really see it so we went there to complete the challenge but on the inside it was like a really nice restaurant. And we went AFTER hiking, in our semi-wet, and sorta dirty clothes. So yeah not so shifty but good and also kinda weird, it was a Mexican place but they had a gringo section in case you didn’t like Mexican. There was only one other guest there, so I guess that kinda made it weird but I was good food and we had an adventure after our adventure.
I got a tamale, it was really good
Their gringo section

The tableside guacamole was $8.00 
so of course we didn't get it.

Also family I think that we need more videos on our blogs and in life in general. Pictures are fun but they don’t capture voices, and I want to hear more voices. So I propose that at the very least we all post one video a month. It doesn’t have to have everyone in it, just one small clip of a fun thing, or a small clip of quarrelling siblings, or a small clip of a game of awesome imagination on I don’t have email addresses for everyone like Tremayne & Robyn, Ollie & Julia, Mike. I think I invited everyone else to the blog. I will text or call you if you fail to post a video one month.  Also parents of children old enough to have e-mail addresses how do you feel about them being able to add video to the blog via their e-mail addresses? As of right now just the adults have permission to add video but it could be fun to see what Myia, Kenny, Lauren, Justin, and Joey film.
The Martinetti family will upload to I only added Lisa and my mom and Dylan to this one so gpa and gma if you read this let me know what email address to add so you can upload stuff. 
Now I will get to see who actually reads this blog!!! My email is my first and last name 08 at gmail. Please tell me which email you want to be used to access this new blog. You can also post pictures to the blog but you MUST post a video once a month. If you don't know how to upload a video let me know and I will make an awesome tutorial and post it on the blog.