Friday, September 17, 2010

Zions National Park

I went on a day trip with the school to Zion. It was a blast. We did the Angels Landing hike and the Emerald Pools hike.
The beginning of the hike.

To get up to the crazy part you did a whole bunch of little really steep zig-zag trails

Two of the other students I went with

The goal was to go to the top of the narrow steep rock,
 most of us made it but some turned around.

The Angels Landing rock.

The trail was really fun.
Or at least I thought so, some of the other people were scared by it

This could be why. The above picture is the top of this.
To the left is a drop off and pink ribbons saying you will fall

This is at the beginning of the trail but on our way up there were a ton of people in it.
The little boys in the back were in there for like 5 min before we decided that they could just stay in our picture.

So they told us to hike to these awesome waterfalls.
There is a bigger waterfall that comes out of our gutter.

I guess it used to be this huge waterfall but it didn't look like a waterfall when we got there.

They had a little thing that told about it and this is what it used to look like. which would have been awesome because you can walk behind it.

School and work have been crazy but fun.

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