Sunday, April 17, 2011

How I didn't do my homework

So like all week some of my friends were talking about this hike and going rappelling and they kept trying to talk me into it all week and every time they would ask I would tell them that I had so much homework and that I couldn’t go unless I got it all done. Well I didn’t get my homework all done and they still got me to go. My to do list for Saturday was a big one and only two things got crossed off that huge to do list but I had the funnest time of my life.
We went to Red Cliffs in Hurricane and did this hike where you hike up a stream that’s in a rock valley. It was so fun and so cold.
We had to park pretty far away from the trail head because there were so many people there and we thought it would be faster to just go over the hill.......well it wasn't and this is what we ended up walking through

They were very glad to be out of the craziness we were in

This was so fun you had to climb up the waterfall to keep going.

(I don't know whats up with the guy without a shirt he was just
 standing there when we got there and we waited but he never moved)

Thank you dad for the waterproof camera! I was the only one with a
camera handy and not in a Ziploc bag and we got some amazing pictures because of it!

After the red cliffs we went to In-N-Out and got some lunch then we went to snow canyon to go rappelling.

I got a page of my paper written while I was watching others rappel. All in all it was
 well worth the extra work I’ll have to do tomorrow to catch up.
There are more pictures on Facebook
I couldn't get the video to go in order but this was during our first hike.
No one would jump from very high and this guy chickened out while I was waiting for him
 to move and his friends totally made fun of him after I jumped.

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