Tuesday, September 18, 2012

How did I end up here again?

Friday  I was trying to do a weeks’ worth of prob and stats homework in like three hours (because that’s when it was due) and I was being fairly successful until Ashley and Jess decided that they were finished helping me and just wanted to talk about the backpacking trip they were going on that night. Ashley turns to me and goes what are you doing tonight? I was like um finishing up my week’s worth of math homework that I haven’t done. And she goes no you’re coming with us on our backpacking trip. And this ended the productivity of homework for the rest of the day.

I tried to explain that I’ve never been backpacking and that the only thing I had was a sleeping bag and somehow I ended up in the car at 5pm on Friday heading for the mountains. At this point I realized that I should probably figure out where we are going and tell my parents just in case.

We went on the Virgin River Rim trail up Cedar canyon from Cascade Falls to Te-ah. It’s about a ten mile hike. We went like 3 to 4 miles Friday then found a place to camp. It was super wet up there and we were unsuccessful to get a fire to start. I was really wishing I had brought some of my camping stuff down to school with me so I would’ve had a spark-n-shred.

It was super cold as soon as the sun went down and all of us pulled our mummy bags pretty much all the way closed. When I woke up every ones bag had frost around the opening in the top of their bag and by their feet. We were all super cold, we were not expecting it to be that cold, and when the sun came up we moved into the sun and went back to sleep.

At the end of the hike they were like so we’re going camping next weekend and we decided that you have not been voted off the island so you should come with us. Apparently there’s a camping island where you only get one chance then you get accepted or voted off. I guess I made the cut.

I’m not as sore as I thought I would be and I had a ton of fun.
Right before we found a place to camp for the night
I think that you can see Zions in this picture toward the top leftish

me, Jessica, and Ashley
The awesome sunset
um yea and this is half as much as when I first woke up.
I didn't want to look for my phone it was way to cold.
The sun rise was awesome and after it came out it
was much warmer so we all went back to sleep
This is supposed to be a lake
Lake Navajo I do believe
I'm still not sure how I ended up going camping with only a
sleeping bag but it was fun and I'm glad I went.
And don't worry Dad I got all of my homework done. I know college needs to have study time and I brought some homework with me. I mean there were three math ed. majors there, we did talk about our classes.

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