Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Sand Hollow and a scary sign

On Labor Day I was invited to go to Sand Hollow with some awesome people. We had a blast cliff jumping and I’m pretty sure we all got sunburned and that none of us had packed enough water or ice. I also met a lot of new people and got to know them. I feel like I totally lucked out when it comes to friends because I met an awesome group of people my first year here and the group just continues to grow with even more awesome people. Sorry I don’t have any pictures, my camera was dead and I cannot find my camera charger.
ok so we got two videos before it died so I took a still out of the video.
Thats me doing a flip
So I walked over to my friends and got some of her pictures
This is me trying to do a back flip.
Which I failed at. Miserably.

Then about two days after going to Sand Hollow I got the worst runny nose ever (this was kinda disconcerting because as we were leaving Sand Hollow there was a sign that said to remember to shower soon because there were parasites in the water. Not what you want to read after spending a whole day swimming in said water). I used a whole box of tissues in one day and then a cough came the next day and it’s still here. While playing ultimate one day I made an amazing catch, like no one thought I would catch it, amazing catch. When I stood up from catching it I could not catch my breath and felt like I was trying to breathe underwater. That’s when I decided I should go to the doctors. Note I’ve only had the cough for like two days. But by the next day the feeling was gone so I decided I didn’t want to go to the doctors, now a week later I decided I really needed to go because the cough is worst and it’s giving me a headache.

So I go to the doctors and he does the normal look in the ears, mouth (which has nothing to see since I don’t have tonsils), eyes, heart and breathing thing and then goes have you been on any recent travels? My mind is racing now like there’s no way on earth I picked something up in Greece. Luckily I didn’t pick up any weird disease, no he just wanted me to have a miniature panic attack. He finally decides that I have asthma and that my allergies started the cough but having asthma made it so the cough wouldn’t go away. He then gave me three different kinds of prescriptions and said you’ll feel better in 72 hours. Then as he’s walking out the door, oh but if you don’t you should come back so we can run some more tests for anything you could have picked up in Greece. 

Now don’t think that I’ve let this cough dictate my running and ultimate Frisbee playing because it totally hasn’t. I still rocked at ultimate today.

I totally love  college life.


Dylan said...

Remember it is school time not play time!

Brittney said...

I think I need play time or I'll go crazy!