Sunday, December 16, 2012

November and December

All right family I deleted the old posts that I made into a book so that I would have more space on my google account so here are some posts about the semester.
Riding long boards, scooters, and ripsticks on Thanksgiving
I love this picture because it looks like Dylan and Ryan were cut out of
a different picture and placed in this one.


The best job on earth.

I get paid to snowboard every day!

Looking back at Cedar from the lift

The first lesson I taught!
I got to teach my friend Rebecca on free day

Super delicious cookies!

We mixed a few different sets of Settlers of Catan
together and had like 10 people playing at once!
One night we were really bored so we drove up to
the C and took pictures of the town. It was really
 cold and windy so we decided to go change the
 word in the stands at the football stadium

Here is the start of change. You can see my friends
in the top left of the stadium.
Oh we changed the word to POOP!
(there's a joke among our group of friends)
This is a picture of our main staircase on campus.
They started construction like a week before
school started and had a sign that said
completion date: October 31
They still are blocked off.

The awesome ninjabread cookies I made today.

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