Tuesday, October 14, 2014

I've bitten off more than I can chew

Life has been crazy this month!
The month started with my roommate, Michelle’s, birthday party. We had a ton of fun that day! I brought doughnuts to institute, and we had a surprise party for her when we got home from work. That’s a funny story, we unexpectedly were finished with work an hour earlier than planned and we had to stall Michelle at work for an hour so that everyone could get to our apartment before we got home. It almost worked. It was way fun though. We got her some of those blow up boxing glove things and we had wars with them, and we got some fun decorations from the dollar store and played put the face on the monster. We had a really good night. You can have hours of fun with one dollar and a scarf.
This month I realized that the amount of stuff I think I can do and the amount of stuff I really can do are very different. For instance if I am (finally) caught up it will only last 24 hours, if I’m lucky. I have pretty much been playing if I only sleep for­­ 4 hours every night this week, can I still function enough to get all of my work and social life in? So far it doesn’t seem to be working out so well. Today I am about 2 days behind and the near future doesn’t look like it’s going to get any better.
I am currently trying to study for five tests. This year we were told that we now have to pass the math exit exam, and that it’s also going to be held on the same day as the praxis, which I also have to pass to graduate. I think that they should tell you that your last semester at college is not at all like your last semester of high school. This week I also found out that the passing score for the praxis last year was 150 and this year it is 160 and that the people who decided that was the passing score never even saw the test. This is our education system at its finest.
I have now taken and failed the Praxis II twice. I’m feeling pretty defeated and like my college classes haven’t prepared me at all for what I need to be teaching. How come I can do advanced calculus but I can’t pass a test meant to see if you are fit to teach high school? I’m very good at teaching the high school stuff at the ranch but I can’t seem to pass the test.
Monday and Tuesday is fall break for us, I was so looking forward to going home Friday and having a fun long weekend but that is looking less and less likely as the week goes on.

I’m told it will be worth it in the end, but I’m not sure a job that requires so much work with so little pay is going to be worth all the trouble. 

Michelle's birthday party. Pin the face on the monster

We were kinda mean to this guy,
we moved the couch and pushed him over

Not sure when this happened, sometime at the beginning of the year
when I wasn't so busy. Football 

This was homecoming Asian Dave, Michelle, Steve, and me
of course the math club had blue shirts this year for the homecoming parade
and the other team was blue. It was bad.

Conference weekend.
Kudos to the photobomber 

Conference with Michelle

I went up the canyon Saturday morning

Zander during conference

He sure is cute!

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