Thursday, March 19, 2015

Last day of student teaching at Olympus!!

Today was my last day of student teaching with the most strict and mean teacher I've encountered since high school. It must be a high school thing to have mean teachers. For the quarter that I was there I had the students do an extra credit project instead of an extra credit worksheet. Here are some of the better projects.

These are for Secondary math II (in Utah they integrated the core, which pretty much means they made it horrible. There's no algebra 1, geometry or algebra 2, there is just 9th grade math, 10th grade math, and 11th grade math called secondary I, II, III respectively.)
They had to use theorems about parallel lines and place certain buildings in certain places according the parallel lines.

This student started watching Grey's Anatomy on Netflix 
so she named all of her buildings after characters on the show

These are for Secondary math III. They had to find sine, cosine and tangent waves in everyday items.
I hung the posters around the room. 

This student wasn't the best and I figured a monkey could have been teaching and he wouldn't have
noticed but I guess I was wrong. I guess he did like me as a teacher, it really surprised me when I 
graded his poster and saw this note. 

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