Saturday, November 13, 2010

A great week that ended not so great

This week started off great, I was caught up on my homework and I did something fun every night. On Monday I just did homework. On Tuesday I did a ton of homework and went to a jazz concert, it was really good.

On Wednesday it was snowing when we got back from cello lessons and a whole bunch of people from my apartment complex were going to play ultimate frisbee. We were playing with a white frisbee and it was way fun because the people who usually dominate were having a hard time because the snow and wind would carry the frisbee and everyone was sliding around.

On Thursday I did a ton of homework and went to see opera scenes, they were way good and pretty funny.

And on Friday I was going to end the week by going to see Inception and just hanging out with friends, well that’s not exactly what happened. I was all excited because the news said it was going to be in the 40’s so I decided to ride my bike to school. (It’s way easier to ride your bike, you don’t have to fight for a parking spot or park really far away from your classes and its cheaper.) So I put on a hoodie, gloves and my helmet (people always asked me why I wore a helmet to school, it’s not that far away and it’s not like it’s dangerous.) and got on my bike to ride to school. Well the apartment managers still haven’t turned off the sprinklers, I’m not sure why sprinklers need to be on when there’s 3” of snow on the grass, but they were. Well I noticed that the sidewalk looked icy so I went to stop to walk my bike past the ice, well I was on black ice that I couldn’t see and when I pulled my brakes I didn’t stop but my body was expecting me to stop and the bike slid out from underneath me and I think I hit my chin on the edge of the sidewalk and luckily I had my helmet on because it hit the edge of the sidewalk and now there is a small crack in my helmet, so that’s why I wear a helmet, because my head is not stronger than the icy sidewalk. I did still go to see Inception but then I just went home and watched some TV all wrapped up in a blanket then went to bed. And the worst part is that the news lied like all week so I didn’t ride my bike when I could have and Uncle Brad is coming to get grandpa this weekend so they are going to pick it up so it doesn’t sit outside all Christmas break. 
I took this with my phone to send to my dad to ask him what to do about it.

I took these friday night after getting home from Inception

Well 3 stiches and a tetnis shot later and this is what ya have.

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Indiana Smith Family said...

Eww, gross pictures. glad you had a helmet on.