Sunday, September 4, 2011

Kanarraville falls

We went to Kanarraville falls on Saturday and had a blast. We decided we wanted to see how far up you could hike and if we could find where the water starts. We hiked farther than we ever had before and only stopped when we noticed leeches were attacking us.
While hiking up the trail we were singing songs most of which were Disney songs and church songs. I think I chose pretty good friends.

The water was soooo cold

My dad thinks this picture looks fake

See how carefully the guy is going down the rocks?
Well I was jumping from rock to rock running circles around the people I was with
they said I was crazy

So I was just walking along the river looking down into the river so I wouldn't slip and fall
when all of the sudden I was like ahhh. By this point I ended up in a group with just 3 boys, the girls were way to slow, and they couldn't stop laughing and wouldn't help me until they took pictures.

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there are more pictures on FB