Sunday, September 11, 2011

Red Rock Relay

The Red Rock Relay was the best worst weekend of my life! I had so much fun cheering everyone on and had a little bit of sorta fun running my miles. We didn’t take a ton of pictures, things were a little crazy but we did take a few.

My first leg was all downhill and 6.4 miles with a chance of snow. Yes I said snow. I ran my first leg at about 4pm I have no clue what my time was other than I remember thinking that I did it in about the same amount of time I figured I would so I’m guessing about an hour. On this leg I realized that playing ultimate Frisbee instead of running is not a good choice. I pushed myself too hard and had a slight o boy I need to stop running and focus on breathing so I don’t die moment. Our car had a lot of energy and a lot of noise makers, I’m pretty sure that by the end of the race the other runners were sick of our car yelling at every runner that we passed. By the time we passed the baton on to the other car, which had 3 married couples in it, they had decided that our car was the frat house car.  

Second leg and wondering what on earth I got myself into. Did I really pay to wake up at 2 in the morning and run 5.2 miles? I did not want to get out of the car. I did though and I now understand why that leg was called “the spooky leg” it was really creepy running at night, you could see the shadows of the runners behind you and you could hear the noises of the night. About half way through another runner was coming up behind me and their light was moving around so much it was like making me sea sick. I finally slowed down so they could pass me and I kept going slow until their light was no longer making me sea sick. Then a little while later I passed her while she was stopped getting water! Agggggg! I couldn’t believe I was next to super moving light person so at my next water stop I waited for her to pass me and get far far ahead so I wouldn’t have to see it moving all around. As soon as that leg was over all I wanted to do was curl up and sleep but we still had to cheer on our team mates so I yelled as loud as I could at our next runner. By the time our next runner was up I was sooo sleepy. We went up a few miles to wait to give Jaynee water but we all fell asleep! Even the driver fell asleep while we were parked waiting for Jaynee to get to us. I woke up and was like hey everyones asleep did Jaynee pass what time did she start, no one knew so we waited for a few runners to pass us then drove up a little ways with everyone awake looking out the window so we wouldn’t miss her again. She was the last runner of our van for that leg and she was excited to be done so she was sprinting into the finish to find that our other van was not there! That seemed to be the theme of that stop. This girl ran in after Jaynee to find that her next runner also wasn’t there and she proclaimed “Where the swear word is my van?” after about 10 seconds she promptly found the swear words but her attempt to keep it clean was very funny. After this leg we went to the Anderson’s house in St. George and as soon as we got there everyone was like shower must shower. As people showered they would come out of a bedroom to let someone else shower and would just sleep where they fell. That was the best 2 hours of sleep I’ve ever had.

My last leg was called “Run Tiger Run” it was 6.8 miles almost all uphill in the middle of the day in Hurricane(hur-a-ken) Utah. We started our race at like 50* and ended it at like 90*. The whole time during my last leg I was thinking man I would do anything to be running in 50* weather in the rain, even though I complained at the time. It was so hot I thought I was going to die. I definitely didn’t have enough sugar in me. My car stopped and gave me some water and said I’ll see you in no more than 2 miles. I swear I ran and ran and I never saw them, turns out they went to the store! Ok so they went to buy a spray bottle because it was just way too hot out there to be running. When I finished running my last leg I ate so much food, I was so excited to be done running.

I loved and hated every minute of this weekend. If I’m gonna do it again I definitely have to train for real, not playing ultimate and staying up until 2 am. It makes for good endurance of staying awake but does not help with the sore muscles at all!

I was so happy to live so close to the finish line. I was showered and asleep by like 8:30 and didn’t wake up until like 10 on Sunday. When I stood up to go to the bathroom, note to self do not drink a whole Gatorade right before bed, my calves refused to hold me up, I almost just gave up on going to the bathroom. At church I was still tired so I was kinda leaning over with my eyes shut when my friend said if you weren’t going to pay attention why did you even come then I told her exactly what the lesson was on and who had commented and even a few comments that I had but I was not going to raise my hand for anything then she was just impressed and said my comments and took all the credit for my awesomeness.
We have ward prayer after the fireside every Sunday and it is upstairs, like at least 25 steps. The only reason I went was because I owed someone $10 and I NEVER see them on campus and at church they were like well we’ll both be at ward prayer so I went and climbed up the stairs to find that they weren’t there! I was mad until I saw that the treat was cream cheese wrapped in cinnamon covered bread stuff, delicious. When I made it to the room that prayer was in I sat in the first seat and the bishop goes hey Brittney how ya doin’?  Would you like to play some prelude music? I said I made it up all the stairs, and only if the piano comes to me. I should probably mention that I was wearing a hoodie and running shorts and I was soaking wet, even rain couldn’t make my legs move any faster. He comes over and was like are doin ok? I was like I’m great I ran all of my legs all by myself in the time I thought I would, I can’t walk but I did it. Most of the people in my ward said I was crazy and that none of them would do it. When they asked me how it was I would answer best worst weekend of my life. It got a lot of laughs. The person who didn’t show up did invite me to come to dinner though so I guess that made up for me walking up all those stairs and then back down them.

I went to check our team in becuase it was on Thursday night
and my team was still in the Springville/Mapleton area. It paid off though I brought a friend and we got a free dinner out of it.

oh ya thats where I slept after my first leg of running.
My blanket is covering up the gear bags that I'm laying on

see my blankie there at the bottom I was scrunched up.
Jaynee's probably getting water. Notice how high the food is.

So they said ok lets load up so I get up and go outside then they were like oh Ingela is still in the shower just a min. Ya I layed down right there and slept.

This pretty much sums up our team, 2stubborn2stop and Jordan roped us all in by saying it will be fun

Notice the food level now this is right before leg 3

Van 1 and one person from van 2 were more concerned with the BYU game than supporting their own team. See all the medals around Jordans neck?
I finished. Jordan had these shirts made and I think we were the only ones that thought it was funny. I love it


Unknown said...

See Brittney I do look at your Blog.

Dylan said...

I am not unknown!

Brittney said...

looking and remembering are different but thank you for at least looking.