Monday, April 29, 2013

Angels Landing

I have been trying to get people to go to Zion National Park with me for a few weeks now. Today we finally got a group together to go! What made it even better was that we got in for free! How you ask, well we have the coolest bishopric ever! Our first counselor works for Zion’s and he agreed to ride with us to Zion’s and do his grading and writing his test from Zion’s so that we could use his employee pass to get into the park. Now isn't that the coolest, nicest guy ever!
We had to do the angels landing trail on turbo. We had to be back to campus by 2 so that people could go to finals.

Here are some of the awesome pictures we took. 

Steve being the person in the description of the hike 

We started the hike at about 9 am and it made for some awesome pictures

We hiked to the top of that rock cliff to the left!

Brittney, Heather Black, Steve Clark

I am gonna miss hanging out with Sarah! 
Good luck on your mission and 
congrats on graduating

So I really like playing around with the 
colors on my new camera. 

We did it! We made it to the top

There was a very friendly squirrel at the top

There was someone below us that was taking a picture.
Steve is awesome at photo bombing!

On the way down we took two awesome pictures

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