Friday, June 1, 2012

Bungee jumping off Corinth Canal bridge

So today I woke up and got dressed for class then I heard Nick in the kitchen asking if my roommate wanted to go bungee jumping. I came out my room and was like wait did I hear bungee jumping? I’m so in! So I went from getting ready to take a pretest in business stats to jumping off a bridge in Corinth Greece.
Waiting to jump
Just about to jump

Waiting to be pulled up
Right after being pulled up!

After you jump they let you sign their building

This was the craziest thing I have done so far while on this study abroad. This adds a new meaning to would you jump off a bridge just because your friends did?

More pictures Here


Dylan said...

The part was what your mom said when she got up ad saw you email. Ha-Ha

Dylan said...

The "BEST" part. Some how i forgot "Best"

My Fam-i-Lee said...

now we all know, Brittney WOULD jump off a bridge if her friends long as she was tethered to it with a giant rubber band. Not sure that makes it a lot better....